Best Benchtop Bandsaw For Metal Cutting: Portable & Adjustable [ 2023 Reviews ]

The amazing tool is now at your front doorstep to make your cutting operate easy. The best benchtop bandsaw designed by the top-type tool manufacturing brands has versatility in their performance. Benchtop bandsaw is an amazing selection for casual users and even for professionals.

Top rated benchtop bandsaw,best bandsaw under 1500 for your need.

It’s capacity to keep excellent material cutting operate in the shop and also at home boosts it’s demand always. Woodcutting work will definitely show flawlessness now, with a wide variety of bandsaws design available online. Let’s know more about how your woodcutting or metal cutting tasks will likely be interesting.

10 Best Benchtop Bandsaw For Metal Cutting 

WEN 3966 Two-Speed Band Saw3.9See It Now
SKIL 3386-01 120-Volt 9-Inch Band Saw4.0See It Now
Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch
4.2See It Now
POWERTEC BS900 9 Inch Benchtop Bandsaw
4.0See It Now
Delta 28-400 14 in. 1 HP Steel Frame Band Saw
4.4See It Now
Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, 14"
4.1See It Now
WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw
4.3See It Now
JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit
4.4See It Now
WEN 3975T 4-7/8-inch x 5-inch Metal-Cutting Benchtop Band Saw
3.7See It Now
RIKON 10 In. Deluxe Bandsaw 1/2 HP
4.2See It Now


We need to be very sure that we are buying the best one if we talk about an appliance. The right buying decision is then our work needs that has to be accomplished. Benchtop bandsaw is amazing to have best curved cuts and also for resawing.

You can manage to make a wonderful start at your shop or house with a benchtop bandsaw. Accordingly, you can check out some essential factors and consider it since the best guide for buying the correct benchtop bandsaw.

1. Reducing Ability

Benchtop bandsaw comes with the resawing throat and feature-decreasing ability. Throat features will indicate the stock size which can be cut without help.

The resawing feature assessments the distance between the table and the blade of the bandsaw. Those two features will indicate you the stock size that bandsaw can hold.

2. Power and Speed of a Motor

The speed and efficiency of work depend on the velocity and power of the engine. Small bandsaw models will of course work with a small engine.

Now, small motor means less power and trouble in cutting hardwoods sections. Mostly benchtop models are offered with 1 HP. Some run on single-phase and have speed adjustments also.

Purchasing high power engine bandsaw will be a good choice to alter all kinds of tasks. Speed might be checked by evaluating the SFM of the motor. Far more SFM will lead to speedy band rotation and more rate for your tasks.

3. Transportability

Everyone has different needs to be served. Some can use a small bandsaw for their shop while some in the home. Benchtop bandsaws are mostly obtainable in aluminum, plastic material, iron and steel etc. The aluminum bandsaw is considered best for easy carry. Steel is little light-weight and tough and iron would be a little heavier.

4. The Material of the Frame

The benchtop bandsaw comes with plastic-type, wooden or steel structure. Plastic frames are affordable to afford but not strong and durable. The steel framework is the best option to adopt because they are lengthy and strong-lasting. It will likely be costlier than a plastic body but is a fruitful investment.

5. Size of the Kitchen table

The size of the table boosts the efficiency of your work to an increased extent. A large kitchen table size will support work accuracy if you are carrying work with the large piece. So huge tables with almost 12 × 12 inches are recommended for precise and comfortable work.


1. Skil 3386-01

  • Easy to adjust.
  • Miter determine gives perfect crosscuts.
  • The LED light shows the lines with cuts properly.


2. Delta 28-400

  • Perfect benchtop bands for large cutting works.
  • Durability and perfection with a steel framework.

3. WEN 3959

  • Speedy blades and motor with perfect cuts.
  • Perfect reductions with the miter gauge.

Best Benchtop Bandsaw Reviews

1. WEN benchtop mitering bandsaw


See It Now


This tool definitely brings power to your accurate work. The WEN 3939 2.8 benchtop mitering bandsaw of metal procedures 9-inch in length. It makes cuts with the depth of 3-5/8 inches and wideness of 9-“. The motor installed goes with the power of 2.8-Amp.

The blade of WEN 3939 measures 3/8 inches. The blade rotates approximately 2460 feet every min. This tool ensures the perfect cuts every time with the blade of 62-inches. The table is of quite a wide stretch using a size of 12×12 and it can be adjusted with a 45-degree angle.

Smooth work and durability are designed for your comfort with ball bearings, however. This benchtop bandsaw kit consists of a handle for carriage, dust table, miter gauge, fence even for cutting, blade guard that can be adjusted.


Unique Features:

8 Amp engine: Motor with the tremendous possible of 2.8 Amo. It rotates the blade with speed up till 2460 feet every minute.

62-inch blade: Blade with the length of 62-inches is used from the size of 1/8- inches to 3/8-inches.

Best cuts: The saw of WEN 3939 gives best cuts up to the degree of 3-5/8 inch and wideness with 9 inches.

Wide stretch design table: The style of the table is large with the measure of 12×12 and might be angled up to 45 degrees.

Port design for dust: Port for dirt is designed for reducing the excess mess and dust in your workspace.

Warranty: This benchtop bandsaw design assure the warranty of 2 years.


  • This benchtop bandsaw is designed with a highly effective motor of 2.8 Amp.
  • It gives ideal cuts.
  • Smooth and safe work.
  • The table design and style is of wide length for comfortable work with a 45-degree angle.
  • Guarantees 2 years of warranty.
  • Long lasting design.

No cons.

Final verdict: Consequently, beginners can easily make a safe start with WEN 3939 benchtop bandsaw. Super highly effective blade and motor design assure perfect cuts. Very user friendly with smooth working tennis ball beings and long-lasting design.


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2. Skil benchtop metal cutting bandsaw

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Skil 3386-01 benchtop metal cutting bandsaw looks power pack in red color and steel design and style. This bandsaw is designed with 2.5 Amp motor power.

Table of aluminum design with the tilting assist up to 45. Cutting the nonstandard shapes and tearing of the wood will be easy with Skil for the beginners, nonetheless.

6-TIP blade supports the cutting of a number of wooden matters. The table design is quite supportive of making modifications in angles and height. The marking method of the EZ blades view will help in easy blade adjustments.

Cuts again are going to be precise with the top fencing for even cuts and a miter gauge for cuts from the cross. Less mess together with the dust port and Directed light system for best cuts or work look at.


Special Features:

Easy adjustment: Changes for heights and angles are usually easy. The series of shelves and tables with joints can be adjusted quickly.

Rip fencing: Rip fence supports excellent, even cuts with easy adjustments.

Miter gauge: Miter gauge is useful and facilitates perfect crosscuts.

LED light system: You can easily see the facial lines with cuts with the help of the LED light system. The LED features light up the lines with cuts.

Dock for dust: The dust in your working space is going to be reduced with the dust slot design with 1-1/2- inch. A flexible vacuum pipe can be attached to suck the dust.


  • Top quality steel design with 2.5 Amp motor energy.
  • LED light system for perfect line cuts look at.
  • Perfect straight and crosscuts.
  • Cuts wood and metal equally.

No cons.

Final verdict: This tool comes as a great deal for accurate work and affordable prices. You can easily use a view of the perfect cuts with LED light. Safety and smooth adjustments will retain the learners for the perfect job.


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3. RIKON benchtop mitering bandsaw


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This standard size Reckon benchtop mitering bandsaw model (10-305) is presented with quality functions. It is really an amazing appliance for the individuals to support their small scale operate. Operating this appliance is fairly easy. Featured with -45° degree tilt function. The normal size benchtop is not hard to store and carry.

Motor with the power of 1/3 HP and 3.5 Amp. Cast Iron table of large caliber and dimensions of cutting 4-5/8 in .. The switch is designed for harmless paddling. Cuts efficiently together with the height of 4-5/8? , 9-5/8? of wide cut. All the different the blade measures 1/8? to 1/2? .

This benchtop bandsaw is featured with amazing functions without more-large design. Made with the steel frame and ensures durability.

Unique Characteristics:

Steel design: This home appliance ensures strength and durability with quality metallic design.

Rip fence: Rip fence ensures perfect slashes. It can be easily removed and tweaked for hands-free work.

Powerful motor: 1/3 Hp and three.5 Amp speed motor supplies enough power to cut precisely.

Iron table: Iron table with wide design assures 13-3/4 inch 12-1/2 inch provides hardy and safe style for work.

Guidepost: The guide can be adjusted quickly. The handles designed can be used as adjusting the height from the guidepost.

Port design for dust: The dust and mess are avoided with the port design for a clean workspace.


  • Powerful motor with 1/3 3 and Hewlett packard.5 Amp.
  • Iron kitchen table design for sturdy operate support.
  • Perfect cuts with rip fence design.
  • Blade tensioning with knob design.


  • Not suitable for large scale job.

Final verdict: Standard design benchtop bandsaw will provide accurate and amazing cuts. This benchtop bandsaw despite being of small design offers all functions featuring that a perfect cutting demands.


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4. Powertec benchtop mitering bandsaw

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Powertec is presenting a bandsaw for the timber cutting solution with a way of measuring 9 inches. The miter gauge is designed for ensuring accurate cuts, the rough slices with the depth of 3-5/8 ins can be managed easily, slashes with the wideness of 9 inch and also woodcuts into thin divisions.

Powertec BS900 benchtop mitering bandsaw gives perfect even cuts and crosscuts. Again heights and perspectives can be adjusted well with series of rack and pinion table feature. Blade design and style with the 62-inches work from 1/8 to 3/8 inches. Adjust the blades with the blade tensioning feature.

Additionally, 2 dock design is featured for scattering free work and reduced dust.

Unique Functions:

Motor design: Motor design and style with 1/2 2 and Hp.5 Amp.

Straightforward tilting: The series of carrier and pinion table style for easy tilting with 45 degrees.

Blade adjustment: Rotor blades can be removed and adjusted effortlessly with the blade tensioning method.

Dust Port: The benchtop bandsaw this time is designed with 2 ports for dealing with dust.

Miter gauge: Miter gauge ensures precise miter cuts.


  • Simple to use.
  • Cuts with perfect even and crosscuts.
  • Easy blade adjustments.
  • Maintains the dirt and mess with the dust port attribute.
  • Maintains the angles and elevation with the pinion table design and style.


  • No rip fence.

Closing verdict: If you are really looking for a long-lasting layout then Powertec will be a fantastic option for precise cuts. Prices will suit your finances really well. No compromises in feature and design.


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5. Delta benchtop metal cutting bandsaw


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Delta is serving the woodworkers and professionals for years with wide options of capabilities. Delta 28-400 benchtop metal cutting bandsaw designed with a 14-inch frame of steel. The steel frame ensures sturdiness and durability for holding tough work.

Exactness and smoothness are assured with ball bearing and the blade guide traces the cuts with accuracy. Wheels are designed with the 9 support composition with quality coating and aluminum of rubber for actual blade tracing. It can maintain a large scale work with a motor unit designed with one phase.

The sturdy steel design cuts down on the provides and bending support of the kitchen table with the aluminum rotational showing which maintains its durability. It holds the capacity of cutting with the wideness of 13-5/8? and height of 6? inches.

Unique Features:

Steel frame: Steel frame assures no bending and aluminum table design supports durability.

Motor design: This motor design runs with a single phase. Assures excellent metal and wood cutting without having iron.

Wheels design: Rims with 9 support composition with rubber and aluminum coating provides accurate tracing of your blade.

Cast iron kitchen table: The iron table with miter slot caliber makes certain tilting 3°-45° and at a 90° perspective.


  • Easy buckle tensioning system with 2 speed.
  • Powered motor for efficient power supply and perfect reductions.
  • Wheels design assures exact blade tracing with aluminum and rubber coatings.
  • Hold massive work well.

No cons.

Ultimate verdict: Using a benchtop bandsaw is very simple now for beginners. All safety and adjusting capabilities will always maintain the accuracy of your own task. Get this amazing product at affordable quality and prices capabilities.


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6. Grizzly benchtop metal bandsaw

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Grizzly has upgraded the bandsaw with quality and essential features. Many options in the market are available but that may or may not meet your cutting work needs.

Here, Grizzly benchtop metal bandsaw is designed with an iron frame, fine quality stands for supporting challenging usage and painted with powder coating.

This benchtop bandsaw works with 1 Hewlett packard motor, 110V/120V, one phase. 11 Amps for 110V and 5.5 Amp for 220V. The appliance is completely designed with the ball bearing. Manages the mess of your workplace with the help of the dust port. The blades can be released having a blade tensioning system.

Steel wheels are balanced by using a computer system, sturdy enough and protected with the tires of rubber. It is designed with the re-saw fence of T-shaped aluminum design.

The scale of your fence includes a window by using a magnifying glass. The fence can be simply adjusted. It stands solid on a steel stand with heavy and thick sheet design.

Distinctive Features:

Cutting capacity: Decreasing capacity 13-1/2? , height reducing capacity 6″.

Motor power: 1 HP power of the motor and 11Amp for 110V and 5.5Amp for 220V.

Blade guide: Blade guide is designed with the ball bearings for both upper and lower sides.

Rack and pinion guideline: Rack and pinion guide is for the blade guide for the upper side.

Dust port: Dust port design is for managing the mess at the workplace.

Blade tensioning: Blade tensioning is used for easy release of blades.


  • Superpowered electric motor with one phase functionality.
  • Easy blades release with blade tensioning feature.
  • Tennis ball-bearing design for smooth work.
  • Dust port will image all the chaos and dust of work.
  • Re-found fencing with T sq . for perfect cuts.

No cons.

Final verdict: Grizzly has included all the essential features in one. Smoothe and comfortable working with ball bearing design will be very cozy for beginners to handle this device.


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7. JET JWBS benchtop horizontal bandsaw

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JET JWBS 14-DXPRO benchtop horizontal bandsaw of 14-inch is powerful enough to bring efficiency in resawing tasks.

The tough design will last long to support your cuts, a lot more efficiency, and more mess administration design. Cutting capacity is high enough with a 14.5-inch wide minimize and 12 inches cutting for height.

The blade guard is already built which can be pulled back from -12 inches. This helps you in carrying tasks with small and large cutting pieces both. The challenging and outstanding iron structure with casted design deals with work easily. Blade works with the speed of 1500/3000 SFPM for ideal and quick cuts.

You can now take on the responsibility of large work with the tough table design. Correct side 10° and left side 45° angles for perfect tilting. Ball-bearing feature resists friction and ensures the long-lasting performance of the blade.


Unique Features:

View window: The window is designed to give you a speedy view of the position of the blade and make sure safety every time.

Belt travel system: Belt drive system comes with the option of two-speed control and perfect cuts every time.

Rack and pinion function: Blade guide is designed using the rack-and-pinion feature for precise work.

Blade tensioning: Blade tensioning helps in quick blade adjustments with quality and long term performance.

Excellent cuts: Designed with the resawing capability of 12 inches. Truly cuts large wood sections quickly and efficiently.


  • Efficient and safe cuts with perspective window.
  • The capacity of reducing large wood pieces with exactness.
  • Blade tensioning with easy adjustments.
  • Excellent blade speed gives quick and exact slashes.
  • Works perfectly with 2-speed control for better performance.
  • Blade efficiency is maintained with soccer ball bearing features with lessened friction and smooth operate.
  • Assures 5 years warranty.


  • Heavyweight appliance

Final verdict: This appliance is featured with amazing adjustments. safety and Productivity both will go together when performing a large task.


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8. WEN 3959 benchtop mitering bandsaw

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WEN is introducing another kind of benchtop bandsaw and yet again with the same work and efficiency with exactness. WEN 3959 benchtop mitering bandsaw gives specific cuts with precise perspectives. It cuts consistently with the depth of 3.5? and wideness of 9? . Furthermore, it prepares the edge of 45° for the right side.

You will get ample spacious design to perform your every single task with 12-1/4? × 11-7/8? measurements. The blade works with 59.5? and width from 1/8? to 3/8? . The closely stuffed design of the band noticed makes it easy to be used on any hard and flat designed surface area cozily.

The appliance runs with the motor speed of 2.5 blades and Amp rotation is fast with 2500 feet every min. Every time get perfect slices with the fencing design.

Special Features:

Efficient cuts: The motor runs with a velocity of 2.5 Amp and supports blade rotation with 2500 feet every single minute. Capable of cutting with all the depth of 3.5? and wideness of 9? .

Bevel cut: This appliance provides bevel cuts from 0° to 45°.

Blade performance: 5? blade cuts together with the wideness of 1/8? to 3/8? .

Dust port: Airborne dirt and dust port of 2.5 inches will again deal with the dust with ease.

Miter gauge: Miter gauge facilitates perfect cuts.

Blade defend: The blade guard is easily adjustable.


  • Easy and quick cuts with ball bearing feature.
  • Excellent cuts with speedy motor unit and rotating blade.
  • Airborne dirt and dust management with dust slot.
  • Spacious table design for comfortable work.
  • Accurate slices with rip fence design.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • No disadvantages with excellent remarks.

Final verdict: This appliance presents enough space and remarkable features for smooth and comfortable functioning. It will truly suit your spending budget and assure you a rewarding investment.


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9. WEN benchtop horizontal bandsaw

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WEN has emerged with another option for making the cutting job easy. It works efficiently on many metals. Pipe cutting is easy with a length of 5-inch. Also, components in rectangular shape could be cut effectively till 5×4-7/8 inches.

WEN 3975 benchtop horizontal bandsaw ensures speedy work on diverse materials. It rotates blade from 125 to 260 feet each and every time and gives perfect cuts. This benchtop metal cutting bandsaw is easy to carry and retail store with compact bandsaw layout.

So, you can actually carry-on your function in the shop or home anywhere. Bevel blades precise angeled cuts from 0° to 60°. Easy blade tensioning and blade guide with ball bearings ensures safe and easy slices. This appliance shows exceptional performance with 4.5 Amp motor speed.

Unique Features:

Excellent performance and speed: The blade works with 125 to 260 feet every min. 4.5 Amp electric motor runs efficiently and ensures effective work.

Cuts many different metals: Cuts a variety of materials with ease.

Ball-having: Ball bearing ensures healthy smoothie and safe cuts.

Blade tensioning: The feature of blade tensioning makes blades adjustments easy.

Tight loaded or compact design: The compact design of this device makes carriage and storage easy.


  • Variety of cuts.
  • Productive cuts.
  • Easy blade adjustments.
  • Beveled blade for reductions from 0° to 60°.
  • Easy to store and hold.
  • Smooth work with blade tensioning.
  • 2 years warranty.


  • Not ideal for large scale work.

Final verdict: This appliance makes reducing possible with a wide variety of fabric and angles. Makes adjustments easier for every possible cut. Prices will be quite affordable.


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10. Rikon 10-306 benchtop aluminum cutting bandsaw

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Rikon is taking the initiative of presenting a quality material cutting appliance for the excelled level of hardwood and metal cutting experience.

Sufficient of features of Rikon benchtop bandsaw will make your wood cutting tasks enjoyable. Rikon 10-306 benchtop metal cutting bandsaw is good for small cutting tasks and consumes less space.

1/2 HP speed and motor of 2 rotor blades-faster and slow-moving speed together enhances the cutting capability of Rikon bandsaw. It supports small cutting work from home or shop. Angled slices will be fast and easy to get having a -45° tilting function.

Adjustments are quite easy with blade tensioning with quick set-up and release of blades. Also, a big knob design will support blade tensioning.

The rip fence can be adjusted too. Managing dust will be straightforward again with a dust port. You can have safe cutting using the window for a view of rotor blades safe working and positioning. The on/off swap is also designed for safety paddle. The small design makes carriage and storage easy.

Unique Capabilities:

Speed cuts: 1/2 HP blade and motor unit with 2 speeds have the cutting perfect as per your needs.

Blade adjustment: Blade tensioning makes blades adjustments effortless with quick release.

Lean function: Angled cuts is going to be quick and perfect with a -45° tilting feature.

Dust port: Dust port with vacuum tube attachment ensure dirt management and clean workplace.

Blade guide: Blade guide with the tool-a lot less feature ensures cozy adjustment and quick work.

Look at window: View window works well for tracing the safe location of blades and perfect doing work.


  • Speedy job and manages small scale job easily.
  • It consumes a lot less space for storage.
  • Your window design for viewing blade positions.
  • Blade guide guarantees better work and adjustments.
  • Blade with 2 speed for accurate and quick work.
  • Dust slot for dust and wreck management.


  • Not suitable for large scale work.

Ultimate verdict: Rickon has unlimited changes and features for you. Whether a shop or at home, this appliance can better carry cutting work with ease. Transportation is very easy at the same time.


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Benchtop bandsaw is actually a powered saw used for timber cutting, ceramics, metal decreasing, etc. It is designed with the blunt and long blades for giving accurate cuts. It consists of the wheel for the cutting process. It runs with a motor for running the benchtop for effective cuts.

Benchtop bandsaw is considered best for small scale operates and for those who have less room. Benchtop bandsaw comes with the pair of the blade with alterations, spacious table design for resawing and ripping.


Every benchtop bandsaw comes along with almost different designs and has. , their use can be slightly different.So and accordingly Here is some step to be followed to use benchtop bandsaw and ensure perfect cuts in addition to safety.

  • Assemble the machine and adjust it well for your height.
  • Set the blade well between the 2 wheels.
  • Make blade adjustments or blade tensioning. The blade tensioning depends upon its size. More the blade size more will be the tensioning need.
  • Cut the power when you are producing adjustments.
  • Next, be sure concerning the blade position. Take off the cover of the wheel and rotate the wheel with your hands as it will show the blade position. If you cannot begin to see the unsteady motion of the blade in the center then you can create a start.
  • The miter guide should be straight enough for precise cuts.
  • With the help of a pencil, you can mark and cut accordingly.
  • Make sure you use both of your hands for cutting to avoid any slip or accident.
  • You can now start cutting.



These benchtop bandsaw reviews are a worthwhile introduction to save your time and expense. Performing up your home with quality furniture design will be easy for you. Benchtop bandsaw is amongst the most preferred wood cutting device for professionals.

The different models of the best benchtop bandsaw will suit your large and tiny scale function efficiently. The best benchtop bandsaw is available at reasonable prices and the cutting experience will be phenomenal.

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