Best Monitors From Different Aspect (Ultrawide Vs Dual Monitor) 2023

Best Monitors from different aspects – ultrawide vs dual monitor?

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There are plenty of the best monitors out there in the market these days. However, with so many choices, it’s hard to make a decision quickly. In this article, it is our aim to make choosing the best monitor for you a tad bit simpler.

The thing about best monitors is that they differ from category to category and from price to price. So for example, if your budget is $200, your definition of the best monitor will be a lot different from that of the best monitor for a professional who is willing to spend three times more. We have made it simple for you to choose your right screen by dividing them into a separate category.

All you need is to be certain about is exactly what you are looking for. If you are a professional graphics designer as well as looking for a budget monitor, then it will simply not add up. Therefore, you need to decide on your budget and your use. If you are going to use the monitor for normal word processing, then we will not recommend a display that is more than $150.


Find out the monitors with the slimmest bezel. If you think 2 mm bezel is thin, just wait till you have a look at some of the newer monitor with even slimmers bezel. These are pleasing to eyes and also ideal for multiple monitor setups. 

Best IPS Monitors 

Monitors come in many different panels such as TN, VA, and IPS. If you are only interested in IPS panel because of their superior colors and wide viewing angles, then you will not be disappointed by this list.

Dell Ultrasharp U2415

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There was a time not too long ago when IPS monitors were expensive compared to the more conventional TN counterparts. However, in the recent years that has changed. You can find IPS monitors that are less than $150 to more than $700. Again the definition of best monitors with IPS panel is going to be very different from person to person.

Best IPS Monitors


Budget IPS Monitors 

Many will be delighted to know that yes, there are budget IPS monitors available in the market. In fact, there aren’t few, there are many. So choosing the right may be a bit difficult. Here in this article, we talk about some of the top affordable IPS monitors out there.

HP Pavilion 22cwa

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Thin Bezel Monitor With VESA Mounts

Narrow your search for only those thin bezel monitors that offer VESA mounts. This should help those of you who are looking to either create a video wall or planning on mounting your displays on separate stands.


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Best Monitors for Gaming

If you are particularly interested in only finding monitors built for gaming, then check this article out. Learn only about the best in this category that is available for the grabs right now. These monitors have a fast response time and offer higher refresh rates.


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Like the professional monitors, these monitors are top of the class and are regarded as the best monitors that money can buy. They are loaded with next-gen technology like adaptive sync and can even be found in curved displays nowadays. The best gaming monitor is hands down the ASUS ROG Swift. You can check out more about it by clicking on the link below.

Best Gaming Monitor

Best IPS Gaming Monitors

IPS gaming monitors have finally entered the market, and they look plain awesome. They do not have 1 ms response time like the TN panels, but once you look at the visual quality of this monitor, you wouldn’t care about response time at all.

Acer XR341CK

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These monitors are all high-end monitors, but they are almost as expensive as their TN panels counterparts. The only exception is that IPS gaming monitors used on 34-inch curved screen with higher refresh can get very expensive. Check out the best here.

Best IPS Gaming Monitors

Affordable Gaming Monitor

Yes, gaming monitors can get quite expensive at some times. That is why we have picked some of the affordable displays out there. This should come in handy especially if you are looking for an affordable way to do quality gaming.

Asus VG248QE

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The monitors that we have selected have relatively slim bezel, therefore if you want to build dual or triple monitor display, then you can have a look at these screens. Making a triple monitor display with the high-end gaming monitors could get quite expensive.

Affordable Gaming Monitor

Gaming Monitor with G-Sync

Monitor technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. With all kinds of wide, curved and thin bezel monitors changing the exterior shape of the monitors, there have also been advancements made on what is happening inside it. G-Sync is a technology that has helped push monitors to the next level. It has given it the ability to directly talk to the computer.

Acer Predator XB271HU

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There are many monitors with this technology. Find out what the best monitors in this category are.

Gaming Monitor with 144Hz

The next biggest trend in gaming is the 144Hz refresh rate. Gone are the days when gamers were satisfied with getting 60 Hz at best. Now they want to game on 144Hz refresh rate panels. Not only are the visuals super smooth on such monitors, but it is also easy on the eyes. Just remember, this is a new technology, so a bit expensive. 

BenQ XL2411Z

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Gaming Monitor for PS4

Why play on a TV when you can get a better color reproduction, sharper images and vivid details with monitors? Why invest in a TV when you can use your monitor for both your PC as well as your PS4. Monitors almost always have better visuals than TVs that is the reason why they are also more expensive.


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Well, if you are looking for excellent gaming monitor for PS4, you need to read this. This list includes affordable gaming monitors that can work wonderfully for PS4. Since PS4 is not yet on par with PC hardware, you do need to invest in high-end gaming displays.


Gaming Monitor for Xbox One

There are a plethora of options for monitors that you can choose for Xbox One. This article highlights the important point that you need to take into consideration before choosing one. Along with that, it gives you a list of all the famous ones out there.


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Like the PS4 monitors, for Xbox One, you don’t need to invest on top of the gaming monitors. A good affordable gaming monitor with the right connectivity options would do just fine.


Ultrawide Gaming Monitors

So perhaps dual or triple monitor solution is not the perfect one for you. If you do not want to see even the slightest bezel on your display, then you will be interested in checking out these ultrawide gaming monitor displays. They have recently hit the market, and they seem like the next big thing in the monitor market.

Samsung S34E790C

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Remember, these have not been widely tested by gamers. So you will be a guinea pig for this technology. However judging by the trend, this technology is here to stay for good. In fact, it won’t be a surprise if almost all of the gaming monitors in the future turn to ultrawide displays

Ultrawide Gaming Monitors

Portable Monitor

These are the monitors that are supremely thin, easy to interface with their USB port and very travel-friendly. However, you can use these monitors as more than just a traveling companion. You can connect them to any PC to give you added display space.


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You can use these monitors to improve your productivity and also to enhance your workspace.

4K Monitors

This is the latest craze that is sweeping the market. It implies four times the resolution of HD monitors. So basically you can fit 4 HD screens into one single screen. These monitors are super expensive and running 4K resolution is hefty on the hardware.


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However, the experience is unlike any. Clearer than life literally.


Best Professional Monitors

Professional monitors are in a category of their own. They are very expensive, but offer the best of the technologies. Large resolution, great color depth with full coverage of sRGB and even 100% Adobe RGB coverage. These monitors have higher than 8-bit panels.


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hese are found from across the brands, and you cannot ever find them at a budget range. These are top of the class and cream of the cream. CAD designer, photographers, and video editors, etc. will find these monitors useful.

Best Professional Monitor

Video Editing Monitors

A pro knows the difference the right tools of the trade can make. Well, for video editors, the right tool of their trade is a great monitor. These are specialized screens that give you the best visuals as well as space for video editing.

LG 34UC98-W

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Photo Editing Monitors

If you are a professional photographer or someone who works in Adobe Photoshop, then you need a monitor that can do justice to your work. A good monitor designed specifically for photo editing can not only make your life easier but also your work more valuable.



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Photo Editing Monitors

If you are a professional photographer or someone who works in Adobe Photoshop, then you need a monitor that can do justice to your work. A good monitor designed specifically for photo editing can not only make your life easier but also your work more valuable.



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Graphic Designing Monitor

If you are looking for the best monitors for graphic design that have won praise across all boards, then this is the list for you. Graphic designers, in particular, have the keenest sense of color, and these monitors should live up to your expectations.

NEC MultiSync EA294WMi

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PC Monitor with 1440P

Commonly known as WQHD because it provides four times the resolution compared to HD, 1440P monitors are increasingly becoming more and more popular. It won’t be long before they entirely replace FHD monitor for 24 inch and higher monitors.

BenQ GW Series GW2765HT

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PC Monitor with HDMI

If you are not looking for much in a monitor and just want to make a bee line for a monitor that offers HDMI port, then you will find this article useful. HDMI is one of the most used displays interfacing port. Most of the high definition devices offer HDMI ports. Have a look at some of the best monitors that you can buy.



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PC Monitor with Speakers

Do you want to save up space on your desk so that it looks less cluttered? Perhaps you want to have speakers on the monitor in case of emergency. Whatever the reasons be, have a look at some of the best PC monitor with speakers out there.

ViewSonic VA2465smh

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23 Inch Monitor

Like the 24 inch monitors, 23-inch monitors are also quite famous. Many people either opt for 23 or 24-inch monitor for casual entertainment. There isn’t a big difference in size between the two sizes; however, the price difference is relatively extensive. You will find 23-inch monitors to be much cheaper than their 24-inch counterparts yet offering the same specs.


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24 Inch Monitor

If you want to filter out your search and only look for best monitors in the 24-inch size category, then read this article. These monitors are selected from among the best out there. 24 inch is the perhaps the most common and the default size for many to go for, so it is only logical that this topic gets an open article of its own.

AOC i2481FXH

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27 Inch Monitor

This is another monitor size that many opt for. It is not as common as 24-inch monitors, but enthusiasts and even professionals sometimes resort to this size. The bigger screen is not only more comfortable but if it has higher than FHD resolution, it can even grant you much better productivity.


Dell UP2715K

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Monitor for Macbook Pro

If you are looking to enhance your Macbook Pro experience with an excellent screen then you need to check this list. The monitor that you are expected to get for Macbook Pro will not be budget monitors. They will either be mid-end or high-end monitors with high resolution and amazing colors.

LG Electronics 27MB85R-B

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Monitor for Mac Mini

Mac Mini is a small compact system that has two ports: Mini DisplayPort and HDMI. There are adapters that you can purchase that switch from DisplayPort to VGA, DVI, etc.; however, with the adapters, some of the quality is always lost. We have picked for you some of the best monitors for Mac Mini.

Dell UltraSharp U2913WM

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3D Monitors

There is nothing more immersive than a good 3D monitor. You can enjoy not only 3D videos but also enjoy 3D gaming with these monitors. Most of these monitors require you to get a 3D kit.


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Gaming Monitor Under 200

Most of us have a set budget and most of the times that are a very tight one. If you are one such person looking to get the most out of your money, then this list will interest. Finding gaming monitors even within $300 is hard. So to find one under $200 is even tougher. The good news, there are few monitors out there that would fit your gaming criteria.

BenQ RL2455HM

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Gaming Monitor Under 150

It is next to impossible to find a proper gaming monitor with 144Hz, G-Sync and 1440P resolution out there. However, you can find monitors that are suitable for gaming. As in you would not have any issues with quality of visuals. These are the monitors that you will typically find under $150.


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PC Monitor Buying Guide

If you don’t know the basic of buying a computer or if you need a refresher, then this should help you out:

LED Monitor vs LCD Monitor – Whats the Difference?

LCD Monitor and LED Monitor are the same technologies; the only fundamental difference lies in the source of the back-light. In essence LED Monitor is not a unique and a separate new technology. It is; however, a innovation in the LCD Monitor technology.

A liquid Crystal Display, as the name suggests uses millions of crystals that either shut or open the passage of light through them. They, do not, however, produce their light. Therefore, the regular LCD monitors use compact fluorescent tubes to light the crystal display whereas the modern LCD monitors (commonly known as LED Monitors) utilize LEDs as the light source for the crystal display

Why should this all matter to you? So that you can become a smart buyer of course. Best PC monitors come in all shapes and sizes and both technologies. Knowing exactly what you are looking for will help you define your budget. To clarify the difference between the two technologies lets talk about their displays. LED technology promises an excellent contrast ratio as compared to regular LCD Monitors, which means the colors are much more vibrant and REAL and also the response time is much shorter

You may want to understand that In the most basic terms, the contrast ratio of a Monitor is the measure of how black the color of a dark image is and how white the color of a brighter image is. You may have noticed from your experience that darker patches of a picture on a standard LCD Monitor may not entirely seem black, there always appears to be a slight hint of brightness behind it. Whereas in the LED Monitor technology, the darker patches on an image look dark and therefore more real

Another great feature in LED Monitors is their extended viewing angle. From your experience with a standard LCD Monitor, you may have noticed that moving your head left, right, up or down would result in a distorted image. That is is because normal LCD Monitors have narrower viewing angle. LED Monitors have significantly improved over this by providing much wider viewing angles

Moreover, the eco-friendly power consumption of LED is not just good for the environment, but it can also go a long way in saving you some cash on your monthly energy bills.

Resolution and Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of a monitor is the ratio of its width to its height. It is commonly used to define the monitor’s resolution. A 4:3 aspect ratio is the standard ratio for monitors. 1280×768, 1152×864, 1280×960 and 1600×1200 are examples of resolutions with 4:3 aspect ratio.

Most monitors now days have either the aspect ratio of 16:9 or 16:10 widescreen displays. This is because widescreen displays are much better for watching movies and also for multitasking.

One important feature to look for in monitors is its native resolution. Make sure you are comfortable with the native resolution of the screen because changing the monitor resolution to a non-native resolution distorts and damages the quality of the picture.

Screen sizes above 22″ offer a 16:9 aspect ratio Full HD. There can be exceptions, however.

What is Monitor Response Time?

The response time of a monitor is its ability to cope with fast motions that result in ghosting effect. Consider the example of a speeding car clip, if the response time of the monitor is slow, then you might notice a continuous stream of the blurry image following the car.

With LED Monitor technology, the response time is significantly shortened, and therefore you don’t see the ghosting effects. The best PC monitors have the response of time of around 2ms – 5ms; a very fast response time compared to predecessors.

Naturally, the monitors with slower response time (i.e., 5ms) are less expensive than monitors with faster response time.

Panel Type

PC monitors come in two common panel types: IPS and TM. IPS stands for “In-Panel Switching.” This technology offers superior and wider color gamuts. IPS panels have much clearer image quality than TM panels also much wider viewing angles. However, IPS panels are much more costly, slightly thicker and also suffer from lower response time, which makes them less suitable for gaming.

TN (Twisted Nematic) panels are the more cost efficient option for monitors. TN panels are inferior to IPS panels in term of contrast ratio and viewing angle, but they do offer great pixel response time.

Panel Surface

Basically two kinds: glossy and anti-glare (matte). The glossy surface (left) gives much brighter and richer colors but suffers from light glare when in bright environments. Glossy surfaces are suitable for home entertainment use.

Anti-glare surfaces have a coating that reduces reflection but also results in fainter colors in darker environments. Anti-glare surfaces are best for brighter rooms such as offices and schools.

Glossy screens are not as common as an anti-glare screen. Cost wise glossy screens are usually more expensive than anti-glare screens.

Monitor Connectivity

The best monitors these days come with VGA, DVI, and multiple HDMI ports. Multiple ports give you the flexibility to connect different interfaces to your monitors such as your computer, Play Station, and an Xbox simultaneously. You can quickly switch between these like changing the channel on a TV.

It is said that HDMI video quality is fairly better than its VGA counterpart. Most LCDs offer DVI and VGA connectivity, slightly more expensive screens come with multiple HDMI ports. Its relatively expensive to buy monitors that provide VGA, DVI, and multiple HDMI ports.

The cost efficient way to buy a monitor is to get a monitor with one or two DVI ports. If by any chance in the future you feel the need to connect an HDMI interface such as Xbox or PS, just get a DVI-HDMI converter.

Regarding gaming on the computer, there is almost no difference between HDMI or DVI inputs.


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