Best Solar Cover Reel For Pools ( Heavy-duty, Size Adjustable) 2023

A solar swimming pool cover maintains your pool warm while in cold months, helps decrease h2o (and compound) evaporation inside your pool, and yes it keeps foliage and trash out of your pool area too.

We have even listened to that use of your pool protection in comfortable climates has revealed a significant decline in backyard mosquitoes! So, add Western Nile elimination to the list.

Despite your love situation with your pool cover, you have probably daydreamed about tearing it separate or balling it up with your garage once you try to take it out of your pool area. It does not have to be in this way. The good news is, there is actually a straightforward and practical way to retailer it that won’t travel your almonds.

Top Picks For Best Solar Cover Reel For Pools

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VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set For In-Ground Swimming Pool$205.95Check It Out
Robelle 1836RS-8SBD Box Heavy-Duty Space Age Solar CoverCheck It Out


There are several different kinds of solar covers out there, such as liquid solar-powered covers, solar power rings, and solar quilts. In case you have one, it is likely you already know the headache of bringing it all out and storing it by-palm, solar blankets are the most prevalent type and. It’s a backbreaking, rage-inducing, and aggravating task… but it mustn’t be.

Using a solar cover reel is like showing up in the “Easy” key for this specific problem. It’s a device utilized to store and deploy your pool’s solar energy blanket, without arduously hauling, folding, or balling it in the back of your storage drop until you move it out the upcoming season.

With a solar include reel, you can just and easily protect and reveal your pool if you want to and store your cover when you’re not using it. This process takes mere minutes. All you want to do to launch or rewind your solar power blanket through the reel is turn the hand-crank on whichever model you choose, and you’re done!

How Does It Work?

Okay, picture your toilet pieces of paper roll… apart from if for whatever reason you necessary to put the lavatory paper again on the roll periodically. Hang on, nevermind. That doesn’t just work at all.

Metaphors aside, a solar deal with reel is rather self-explanatory. It is a contraption that you place at one end of the in-ground pool area. It’s basically a giant spool that consists of a long aluminum pole, reinforced between two vertical finish bars. One end of the reel could have a flat platform and, on some models, the other end can have wheels that will help you move it around.

The long metallic spool rod has some dangly bands hanging down that allow you to clip the edge from the pool deal with for less difficult rolling as well as to keep it in position. One-stop of the reel has some type of wheel or crank that you’ll use to actually find yourself the include in a successful and not-migraine-inducing way.

The giant, glowing gain here is that you’ll be capable of use and store your solar include without enlisting the whole area to come support. Once-horrible task into a matter of a few moments and an easy turn in the crank solar energy cover reels turn a.


Design Material Compared to. Price Position

Pretty much all reels you locate are going to be produced from aluminum or stainless steel. Both materials are rust, durable and deterioration-proof, and can hold up against sun and rain very well.

Stainless steel reels are typically sturdier, weightier, and less more likely to bow at the center, especially if you have a wider swimming pool area. Aluminum designs will be less costly, lighter-weight, and more likely to sag a bit in the center. So, the aluminum version could suit your needs perfectly if you have a lesser-size pool and are on a budget.

Rims: Are You Heading Off-Roading?

You are going to find two rims at a single end of your respective reel. These make it simple to maneuver the larger reel on your own by rolling it, wheelbarrow-style around. Most reels are going to come with a list of either plastic wheels or rubber wheels.

Plastic Rims: The plastic wheels are cheaper and more likely to degrade with time. The wheels may fracture after a period or two, making transferring your reel practically extremely hard, if your reel is sitting out in the weather. Reels with plastic tires are going to be less costly, but it’s something to take into consideration before buying.

Rubber Tires: The other alternative you’ll discover are reels with more sound, rubber auto tires. These are going to be similar to motorcycle tires and will last a lot longer than the plastic option. Maneuvering reels with rubberized tires is a lot easier on moist surfaces (like your pool outdoor patio) and will hold up against the elements over time.

Not all designs of reels have wheels. So, not a problem should you don’t would like solar include reel taking up space at the edge of the pool on a regular basis. Simply choose a solar deal with reel version with wheels for easy roll-aside storage.

Tip: If you plan to go your reel around a good deal for yard parties and such, investing in a reel with good, sturdy tires is a great idea!

Let’s Speak Straps

Solar energy pool protects reels usually come with 2 kinds of fasteners that actually connect your pool cover to the reel itself.

Inlayed Straps: These kinds of straps link directly to the reel. Generally, they are considerably more secure than other kinds of contacts because they are embedded directly into the reel by means of grooves in the metallic.

Connect and Loop Bands (Velcro): We’re all familiar with Velcro and how it works. This makes assembly a piece of cake but might not hold up with long term use.

So, in case you have a large swimming pool area with a weighty cover, the hook and loops straps might not cut you, and also it may choose to spring for that embedded-style bands.

Mil Overnight accommodation

Mil will be the term used to denote the thickness of the plastic of your own pool include. Thicker plastic-type and higher mil mean greater protection for the pool plus a more durable include in the long run. You’re likely to need a reel that can cater to its fullness and extra body weight if you have an incredibly thick solar energy cover.

This is an important consideration when looking to purchase a solar deal with the reel. Not every reel will provide a mil size holiday accommodation in their features, so it is a good issue to ask of manufacturers before you buy.


#1. Rocky’s Easy Roller 3A In-Ground Pool Solar Reel

The Rocky Reels Simple Roller 3A In-Soil Swimming pool area Solar Reel is simple to work and does not call for more than one person to work with. It comes complete with all of the equipment and equipment required for installment. Made out of sturdy perish-cast lightweight aluminum and presenting cooked enamel finishes for fantastic quality and durability, you can easily anchor and transfer. Made for in-ground pools around 20 ft . vast.


  • Great-quality, solid aluminium design
  • Fantastic instruction handbook and assembly video clips on-line
  • Simple to run with an individual


  • Installment is tricky

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#2. Crystal Blue 24S-8SBD Box-CB Solar Pool Cover


The crystal blue large-duty place Age Diamond solar energy cover for previously mentioned ground swimming pools contains a unique aluminum heating shield that traps otherwise lost warmth back into the pool from the special aluminum underside. The heavy-duty material works together the sun to catch & retain heat.


  • Easy to assemble
  • lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Adjusts quickly to varied pool area widths


  • Sags a bit in the middle of the pool
  • Requires a drill to assemble

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#3. Sun2Solar Blue 24-Foot Round Solar Cover


This solar cover lowers the cost of heating your pool during the summertime and beyond. This is made from a movie of thousands of small bubbles, which come together to collect and maintain heat both at nighttime and on those cool days. The azure color provides a desirable look while also while using sun’s rays to aid warm your pool.

The use of a solar includes helps in preventing as much as 95% of pool water evaporation. When not enjoying a refreshing swim, keeping your pool covered minimizes the vast amount of water lost into the surroundings.


  • Warms normal water quickly
  • The fit is perfect for 18′ rounded pool
  • Easy to wear the water and it flattens out on its own


  • The cover can disintegrate just one year of use

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#4. Sun2Solar Stainless Steel Solar Cover Deluxe Reel System

The Sun2Solar Stainless Steel Solar-powered Cover Deluxe Reel System comes in 3 different sizes to finest fit your in-ground pool for any shape. Its stainless steel frame and lightweight aluminum reel make for effortless cranks and maneuverability up effortlessly with the smooth, one-person operation. This reel can be transferred easily, wheelbarrow-style, to move it out of the way when not being used.


  • Works with any pool shape
  • Effortless assembly
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction


  • Set up instructions could be more clear

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#5. Nova Microdermabrasion Swimming Pool Cover Reel Set

The Nova Microdermabrasion Pool Area Cover Reel Set features sturdy aluminum and stainless steel building with an adjustable suit to accommodate 17.5-22ft wide in-floor swimming pools. Its oxidation and aluminum-resistant telescoping rod have 7 sections to prevent drooping.

A distinctive anti-whirl locking device fastens the steering wheel in place, stopping the include from unraveling. This rust-confirmation, solid roller satisfies pools of all shapes and forms.


  • Easy to assemble and maneuver
  • Light in weight construction
  • Great value for the price
  • Comes with a free pool temperature gauge


  • Velcro bands don’t stay attached well and might need to be taped
  • Lightweight aluminum bar may bow slightly in the middle when extended to its highest width

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#6. VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set For In-Ground Swimming Pool

The VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set characteristics sturdy construction that provides maximum durability. The solid wheel style makes it more steady with large, rubber tires. This reel has a 3-section aluminum water pipe design that will not droop, even after extended use.

The tough, rust-totally free stainless steel and lightweight aluminum construction of this reel will fit any shape of the swimming pool by using a 14-18ft adjustable width. Includes cover clips to secure the protect.


  • Wheel lock to prevent accidental include unwinding
  • Large diameter telescopic aluminum tubes are strong and lightweight
  • Easy to operate and assemble, and maneuver


  • May sag in the middle with wider pools
  • Clips may not keep, requiring bolts to be drilled in the club

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#7. Robelle 1836RS-8SBD Box Heavy-Duty Space Age Solar Cover

The Robelle Heavy-Duty Space Age group Solar Cover will work for 18 by 36-Feet In-Ground Swimming Pools. This includes a unique aluminum heat shield that traps otherwise dropped heat back into the swimming pool from the special aluminum underside.

The Hefty-duty material works with the sun to catch and keep heat. Solar handles float “bubble side down” on the surface of your pool water if the pool is not being used, allowing solar energy to pass through and capturing it as retained heat in the pool.


  • Warms the swimming pool area really well
  • The material is plastic and does tear fairly quickly
  • Lightweight and easy to roll up


  • Potentially no-useable after 6 months of use
  • The cover is hard to put on/take off

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There you have it! All that you should know to make an informed purchase for your new solar power cover reel. All you have to know are the dimensions of your pool and what features you’d like in your reel.

With the right solar power cover reel, your days of frustrated reducing and folding are over. You will also be extending the life of your pool include in the process, even though you can now not only store and deploy your cover alone without breaking your back. Happy Rolling!

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