Best Track Saw With Stackable Tool Case 2023

Track saws are a convenient tool that most woodworkers can use for pretty much any project. Having a reliable power tool to make long, accurate slices or to cut sheet material is a vital instrument to have in your storage area. Make sure you find the right monitor saw (Also called jump saw) with enough potential, RPMs, and bevel capacity to take on every one of the projects you have arranged. Here are a few tips on things to search for in the best path saws on the market plus some track saw reviews to help you start store shopping.

Best Track Saw With Stackable Tool Case

Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Circular Saw16.98 pounds
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Festool 575388 Plunge Circular Saw13.6 pounds
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DEWALT DWS520K 6-1/2-Inch Kit18.25 pounds
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SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw-Best Cheap Track Saw12.79 pounds
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Triton TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw6.5 pounds
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1.Makita SP6000J1 Plunge Circular Saw


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For accurate and precise cutting, the Makita SP6000J1 Leap Circular Saw provides you with a mirror accomplish that is splinter-free without needing a table saw. Offering you smooth and right cuts, the Makita features a guide rail system that is recommended made out of anodized lightweight aluminum. The rail and saw work together to give you precise cuts with little tear-out.

Featuring a powerful 12 amp motor, the Makita has a large cutting capacity and weighs much less thanks to its magnesium components. You also get electronic speed handle that allows you to maintain a constant speed under load for a mirror accomplish and smooth cutting. This is a very easily transportable saw that is perfect for use in either your shop or at the job site.

With a bevel capability of -1° to 48°, the Makita has optimistic stops at 45 degrees and 22.5 degrees. With close-to-wall cutting, this saw may be expanded for different decreasing projects. The built-in depth stop also allows you to make a preliminary cut of 1/16 ins before you cut the full materials to give you splinter-free, clean cutting.

The Makita also comes with a gentle start so you have smooth startups. The variable speed call control gives you involving 2,000 and 5,200 RPM so you can choose the velocity that will give you the very best performance for the material you are working on. Additionally, the built-in torque limiter will help to quit motor burnout as the electric brake will give you additional productivity


Pays for itself without delay and becomes a significant part of your shop

Well-built and easy to use.

Speed keeps constant while you function

Has a nice slicing capacity range

Extremely powerful and excellent to use on various materials

Tons of energy and tears via wood easily


Some slope for the track.

If you drive the saw way too hard and the slowly have to start up agai, the brake and gentle start interaction are troublesome since it will shut downn


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2. Festool 575388 Plunge Circular Saw

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With unmatched precision, the Festool 575388 Jump Circular Saw performs on a wide range of projects and materials. You truly will be able to do more with lessroom and equipment, and time thanks to the system’s efficiency. And, using the precision you get from the guide rail, you will definitely get a perfect cut whenever that are splinter-free and directly.

Depth indicator regulates are micro-adjustable with two cursor lines that provide you precise reductions on or away from the guide rail. The Guide Rail Splinterguard also reduces rework and waste of material while giving you no tear-out cuts.

The integrated riving blade is spring-keeps and packed the cut kerf open as well as the materials away from the back from the blade giving you additional control. This also helps to reduce the danger of kickback. With the ability to handle any surface, the Festool 575388 will come in two sizes with nine types of rotor blades available.


Convenient from breaking down page goods

Great vacuum attachment.

Nice blade assortment to use

Nice smooth cuts that happen to be accurate and directly

Easy to control and make use of

Leaves a really wonderful edge for this type of saw


Even with guide screws lower, the saw retains a bit of rocking into it.

The blade has a little bit of play with it


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3.DEWALT DWS520K 6-1/2-Inch Kit

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Perfect for contractors, woodworkers, and finish carpenters, the DEWALT DWS520K provides you with both cut-quality and precision that you normally see in a table discovered. This portable Monitor Saw also offers you precise and direct cuts that are splinter-free, as well as you get the capacity normally see in a panel saw. Featuring a 1,300-watt motor, this monitor saw has ample power to cut via hardwoods and virtually any construction or woodworking materials.

Presenting aluminum track having an anti-slip feature, you can make neat and straight cuts as the zero-clearance track gives you ends that are splinter-free and indicate the precise cut place so your cutting placement will be predictable and accurate, and quickly. Under the track, you will discover two friction strips that will grab on the wood and prevent the track from moving with the need for added clamps. On top are glide strips with low-friction that let the discovered travel smoothly within the track.

With the right plunge mechanism, you could make straight and clear cuts while the ongoing anti-strike-back feature gives you more control by letting the saw only move forward on the path stopping kickback. Also included in the DEWALT DWS520K is a dust administration system that features a common 1-1/4-inch dust dock allowing you to collect approximately 90 percent of unwanted debris and dust. A 48 tooth, 6 ½ inches blade comes with a laser reduce plate and pearly whites that are precision ground teeth for incredible cut quality.

The DEWALT DWS520K functions bevel stop at 1 5/8 inches at 45 degrees and two 1/8 inches at 90 degrees bevel allowing you the versatility to cut by means of a range of commonly used resources. With the specially designed blade, you can lessen deflection to provide a finished advantage similar to a table saw. This discovery allows you to cut a number of pieces of wood simultaneously, trim doors on the hinges, cut drawer opening, cut inlay and hardwood floor coverings, make rip, crosscuts, and miter page goods, as well as benefit joining.


Really accurate saw

The motor has a soft start making it easier to regulate.

Fast set up and is great for breaking down sheet goods

Nice anti-kickback feature and blade guard

Precise depth scale

A lot of power that eats through materials


Requires expensive particular blades.

Not able to set a square up against the left edge of the guide because it’s rubber


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4.SHOP FOX W1835 Track Saw-Best Cheap Track Saw

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If you are looking for a portable saw to produce precise cuts, the store Fox W1835 Keep track of Saw was created to be applied with the optional accent pack and guide rail to make jump cuts, cut total sheets of plywood, and trim the bottom of doors. Featuring a plunge cut action, the Shop Fox delivers a real riving knife for increased safety even though you may aren’t using the information rail and gives you accurate cuts with almost no tear-out. Perfect for projects where you need to remove an area inside a workpiece, the plunge measures gets rid of the need for flick-up blade guards that can be dangerous.

With the optional components, the Shop Fox offers you precise and fast cuts with hardly any setup time. The guide rail may be used to make both dive and straight slices. The accessory package includes a stabilizer to work with with the track, an end, and two F-clamps that help you to get uniform cuts persistently, particularly when doing bevel cuts.

The portable Shop Fox W1835 is an affordable monitor saw that comes with a bevel gauge that locks to perform bevel cuts up to 45 degrees. You also have a 1 ½ inch dust port that may be adjustable as well as supplementary handles that give you more stability when cutting. The integrated riving knife is spring-jam-packed to lessen the chance of pinching or kickback for additional safety.


Great tool right out of the box

Easy to use and flexible.

Nice safety features

Useful guide rails that offer you precise slices

Easy to take with you just about anywhere

Good saw for daily use


Needs a greater level of cut.

Requires a smoother depth quit


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5.Triton TTS1400 Plunge Track Saw

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Very versatile, the Triton TTS1400 Leap Track Saw has advanced safety features, quickly set up, and easy function selection. With a powerful 1400 Watt engine with variable velocity, the Triton includes a no-fill speed between 2000 and 5300 pm. You also get quick changes between modes with the practical mode selector that permits you to choose either la describe and change. Additionally, free plunge. Secure and easy blade changes are made with easy access through the blade guard so you don’t need to take off the cover. Additionally, you get handles by using a soft grip as well as a guide track system that gives you correct bevel and directly cuts.

This functional track saw offers long and straight cut when installed to the track. The blade housing includes a flat design letting the saw to operate right up against the edge of the materials which is great when working on doors and flooring. Added stability is provided by the guide rail track providing you with professional and precise slashes every and each time.

The Triton is great for cutting hardwood flooring or shaping doors. You also get onboard tool safe-keeping and variable velocity that features both continuous speed electronics and a soft start. Other features include a bevel range of – 48 levels, anti-kickback for increased security, and a very successful dust pot using a universal adapter and 360-degree outlet.


A great heavy track that holds its place well

Nice toned arms that keep your piece straight.

Cozy handles with a smooth grip

A convenient dust particles collection system

Versatile, precise, and potent

Easy blade modifications with mode selections


The size is not really accurate.

Heart hole for the clamp screw is not tapped all the way so you need to fix it yourself

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Buying Guide: Best Keep track of Saws (Plunge Saws) For The Money

What Is A Track Saw (Plunge Saw) And What Are They Employed For?

With a look just like a circular found, a track discovered can make cuts that might be impossible for a spherical saw to tackle. Instead of taking the substance to the saw such as a table saw, a track saw is taken to the material, however, and, like a dinner table saw, track saws have a fast-rotating blade.

The function that sets the track saw aside from these other saws is the track alone. It keeps the fabric in place but removes the need to guess or measure where to lower as there are guides that tell you. You also get yourself a retractable blade that guarantees that you will not cut anything until you are ready to.

Advantages Of A Track Saw

Clean Cuts – Producing clean slices is one of the main great things about a track noticed in comparison to other saws on the market. No matter what type of material you are decreasing, a track found will give you a clear cut that doesn’t have tear-outs or ugly bits on the edge.

Exact Track Positioning – Getting rid of guesswork, the track on a track saw gives you the precise alignment of your cut line. You can even minimize the need to evaluate since you only need to line-up the track together with your cut marks to end up with a super straight cut.

Long Slices – With the ability to make very long cuts, path saws can make cuts with a high level of precision that other saws would have a problem achieving. You can increase the length of the cut by adding connections to the tracks, even if you are only limited together with the saw’s cord keep track of and length once you make a cut using a track saw.

It doesn’t take up much space or require a long-lasting space dedicated to holding it. That’s portable and Portable – Another big good thing about a track noticed. It is also very transportable so you can take it in one job site to a different easily.

What To Look For When Choosing A Track Found?

Track Saw Cutting blades

When buying a blade for a track discovered, you actually use the same process as purchasing a blade for a circular saw. After deciding the blade sizing your tool utilizes, you then need to decide on the material your blade should be made from. Metal alloy blades with carbide tips are the most common since they can withstand heavy use and have a long blade life. They are also heating resistant so you do not have to worry about burning the wood along the reduced line.

Blades with fourteen teeth are good for cutting wood or lumber pieces but they won’t give you a done edge. When working with plywood or other sheet components, you want a blade with about 48 teeth to give you a finer cut that will not need sanding or smoothing.

Bevel Ability

Giving you the ability to lower at an angle, the bevel capacity of any saw will increase your versatility so that you can handle different types of projects. Most models that have the ability to make bevel slices will range between -48 and 1 degrees. Basically, this means that you can cut directly down as well as minimize an angle upping your ability to do diverse projects

Maximum Pace (RPM)

Known as revolutions per minute, the found blade’s speed is measured in RPMs. Typically, a notice will have a minimum of 2,000 RPM that may cut through thin pieces of wood. To get more versatility from the track saw, search for a wide RPM range between 2,000 to 3,000 with some models even going up to 5,000 RPM. This gives you the ability to take on just about any project that requires each fine and sluggish cuts as well as faster cuts.

Guide Rail

Ensuring that you are generally on target, the guide rail will assist you to stay along your cut line. This can be particularly helpful when you make long and straight cuts. Every track saw can vary in the length that it could cut, however, you can attack extra connectors to the track to provide length and your capability to make long cuts.

Score-Minimize Setting

When focusing on materials that are simple to chip or splinter, it is handy to have a score-lower setting. When you rating the material before making an entire depth cut, you may create a splinter-free cut on sides of the kerf instead of just on the side of the track. This is a life-saving feature instead of having to waste time going back after the cut and clean it in the future.

Cutting Capacity

It is usually important to consider the reducing capacity of any found before you buy it to ensure it can handle the projects you have planned.

Soft Start

It is a great safety function that stops the potential risk of the saw jumping from the torque at a start-up that is also called a kickback.

Speed Call

Allowing you to adjust the blade’s speed, the speed dial is a practical feature when you deal with different thicknesses and types of materials. Allowing you to adjust the speed dial gives you more flexibility in the types of components and the types of projects you can work on.

Airborne dirt and Dust Collection System

Supporting to keep your work area clean and safe, a dust particle collection system can enclose the blade to act like an airborne dirt and dust guard or even feature a vacuum hose that may be attached to the track saw for easy cleanup.

Final Note

The winner of the Best Track Found Roundup is the DEWALT DWS520K TrackSaw Package. Giving you the accuracy and quality usually seen in a desk saw, you also receive the cut capacity of a panel saw.

The Dewalt gives you sufficient power to cut via pretty much any type of fabric as well as an aluminum track that has an anti-slip feature that allows you to make clean and straight cuts.

With the zero-clearance track, you get sides that are splinter-free while the direct plunge mechanism lets you make straight and clean cuts. The continuous anti-kick-back again feature gives you more control by letting the found only move forward on the track stopping kickback.

Other features include a dirt management system, bevel stops at 1 5/8 inches at 45 degrees and 2 1/8 inches at 90 diplomas bevel, and a specifically created blade that reduces deflection to provide a finished edge similar to a table saw. The definite winner of the excellent track saw Roundup is the DEWALT DWS520K TrackSaw Kit without a doubt.


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