NVIDIA LightBoost

NVIDIA LightBoost?

LightBoost is a technique invented by NVIDIA for 3D Vision to serve three main purposes at the same time.

  1. Reduce 3D crosstalk
  2. Make image brighter with 3D glasses
  3. Eliminate motion blur (good for 2D too, without 3D glasses!)

The third item is the most important feature, from our perspective. Given a monitor with a high refresh rate (say 144Hz or 120Hz), we can reduce motion blur by enabling LightBoost on our display.

Currently, LightBoost is more popular for 2D motion blur elimination than for 3D Vision.


  • Elimination of motion blur, comparable to CRT
  • Improved human reaction times in competitive gameplay
  • Much more fluid than regular 120Hz and 144Hz
  • More immersive


  • Reduced brightness
  • Degradation of color quality
  • May cause flickering
  • Requires a powerful GPU to get full benefits

Compatible monitors

To enable LightBoost, you must have one of the following displays:

  • ASUS VG248QE
  • ASUS VG278HE
  • ASUS VG278H
  • BENQ XL2411T
  • BENQ XL2420
  • BENQ XL2420TX
  • BENQ XL2420TE
  • BENQ XL2720T
  • Acer HN274HBbmiiid

How to enable LightBoost

There are several ways you can enable LightBoost on your compatible computer monitor. The easiest way is to use ToastyX Strobelight App.

You can test LightBoost at TestUFO.com.

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