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Obsessive consumers are obsessed with knowing the best services. But, more importantly, why. We dig deep to discover what makes something so great and then display it for all to see. We want to make it easier for you to make complicated decisions, and we hope you will feel more informed after each visit.

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We focus today on services that can be confusing and difficult to compare, but which we still benefit from exploring. Comparing different insurance providers and home security systems can take hours. We can make poor decisions in the interest of saving time. We want to make your life easier by organizing our extensive research.


Our mission is simple. Our mission is simple. We are a group of users, creators and enthusiasts who create the ultimate resource for finding products and the stories that go with them. Gear Patrol believes everyone deserves the best product.


Products are more than just a way to fill empty spaces in our homes. We believe that products can enrich and empower both everyday consumers and discerning customers.

We want to offer new perspectives on products. We cater to all types of enthusiasts. Empathetic recommendations are the best products and therefore, we cater to all types of enthusiasts.

Culture and products are constantly changing. We are a leader in product discovery and we inspire customers to make informed decisions that will propel them forward.

Our research is ongoing to help you make the best decisions.