Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Dirt And Algae 2023

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On This Page, I Look At The Best Automatic Pool Area Cleansers For Every Single Price Range, Need To Have, And Kind Of Pool Area.

To really make it on our list, a robotic Swimming Pools area cleaner must earn a rating from our staff of 4 superstars or higher.

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What is In This Posting

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Dirt And Algae

In this manual, I first bring in my top 3 selections for three diverse financial budgets. They have established artists that continue being top-sellers in US swimming pool stores and online.

After that, I’ll review the best robot pool area cleaners offered right now – one at a time.

Then, I’ll end up having a description of your features you should think of when purchasing an automatic swimming pool solution.

3 Leading-Graded Robotic Swimming pool Cleansers You Will Love To 

My staff and I have evaluated more than 40 automatic pool area cleansers in the past number of years.

For me, the subsequent 3 robot swimming pool cleansers still make an impression on us using their trustworthiness, user-friendly design, and benefit.

These are the models I would recommend to my loved ones.

Top 10 Robotic Swimming pool Products: Comparison  table

The following kitchen table summarizes the true secret distinctions among the Best 10 robot pool products we now have examined currently:

3.5Above Ground11 lbs 1 year 41 ft 1 hr
4.0 In-Ground16 lbs2 year 50 ft 3 hrs
4.1In-Ground20 lbs 1 year 40 ft 4 hrs
3.8In-Ground19 lbs 2 year 60 ft 3 hrs
4.1In-Ground 16 lbs 1 year 60 ft 3 hrs
4.0Above Ground
& In-Ground
20 lbs 2 year 40 ft 2 hrs
4.0In-Ground19 lbs 2 year 60 ft 3 hrs
4.1In-Ground 22 lbs 3 year 51 ft 3 hrs
4.0In-Ground45 lbs 2 year 60 ft 3 hrs
4.0In-Ground40 lbs 3 year 55 ft 3 hrs

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners: 18 Top Models Reviewed

Check out following best-ranked robotic swimming pool area cleaners in love with Amazon. com as well as other merchants online in the event you nevertheless aren’t positive which more clean suits you.

You should get what you need with one of these

1. Polaris F9550 Sport



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The Polaris F9550 is one of the strongest robot pool cleaners distributed today, and one of our top 3 picks for in-ground pools of any dimension.

The 9550 boasts a 4-wheel drive program combined with water jets that assist it effortlessly move it up and down stairs and adhere firmly to vertical walls and surfaces.

The AquaTrax car tires provide a strong grip on any type of pool surface, even though the Polaris ActivMotion Sensor technology helps the pool cleanser to clean any pool form efficiently, without getting caught.

When it comes to cleaning effectiveness, the F9550 does an outstanding job, relying on two capabilities:

Oscillating brushes that rub stubborn debris and dirt from the pool walls and floor.

Vortex vacuum technology that selections up larger debris without the need of losing suction on any kind of surface.

With respect to features, the F9550 features a 7-day programmable timer along with a cleaning surface selector that lets you choose between the sides, bottom part and bottom or waterline only.

You can also select the model of your pool (rectangular or freeform) and cleaning level (intensive or high intensity)to optimize cleaning performance.

For additional targeted cleaning, use the provided remote control to pilot the cleaner to exactly where you would like.

The remote control also functions an Easy Lift System key that brings the pool solution to the surface for less difficult lifting.

Finally, we love the total filter indicator, which lets you know when the rather large debris bin is ready to be purged. This is one of the upgrades Polaris added over its before model, the Polaris 9450 (which is still sold nowadays and is significantly lighter).


  • Includes caddy
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Does not fall from sides or stairs
  • Operates in all pool types regardless of shape or type of surface area
  • Targeted cleaning options
  • The remote control works well
  • Weekly automated timer
  • Full bin sign


  • Pricey
  • A bit large (the automatic lift system gets rid of most of the hassle, though)


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2. Dolphin Nautilus

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If you are looking for a time-proven, mid-range robotic pool area cleaner for a large in-ground pool for any fair price, then you cannot get it wrong buying the Dolphin Nautilus.

The Dolphin Nautilus series of swimming pool area cleaners provide excellent cleaning up performance and a range of hassle-free features at a lower price tag.

The Nautilus is fitted with Maytronics smart navigation method, called CleverClean, that uses smart algorithms to provide 100% swimming pool area coverage in less time and using significantly less power.

The tread-based drive provides exceptional grip in a broader number of pool surfaces (wheels can slip on slippery/algae-covered areas). Treads help the Nautilus climb more than challenging obstacles such as actions, large debris, and curved walls without getting caught up, as a tank.

Dual cleaning brushes at the front, and rear scrub away at hard to clean dirt stuck on the wall surfaces and floor while the powerful suction system picks up stopped debris. Compared with jet-washing and other kinds of trash removal methods, brushing is the greatest.

Dual ultra and fine-fine filters trap big and small bits of debris – from leaves down to sediment and algae.


  • A proven, reliable solution for in-soil pools
  • Swivel cable helps prevent tangling
  • Smart navigation will save you energy without missing spots
  • Dual brushes and effective suction provide excellent washing performance
  • Ideal for all swimming pool surfaces thanks to the high-grip treads


  • More mature model so lacks sophisticated controls and features
  • No timer
  • No targeted cleaning modes
  • No remote control
  • Misses some restricted-radius corners

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3. Dolphin Nautilus Plus

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The Dolphin Nautilus Plus provides a top-loading filtering basket and a bit more capacity to the proven cleaning performance of the original Dolphin Nautilus. It also costs more.

The most notable-loading filter basket is a nice addition for people who struggle to lift heavy cleaners out of the water and for swimming pool area owners who have to run their cleaners constantly.

The Nautilus Plus also comes with CleverClean scanning technology to improve cleaning patterns. This allows the cleaner to cover the entire swimming pool in just 2 hours.

Like the original Nautilus, treads provide a robust grip on pool surfaces. And help this solution scale pool walls easily.

The Nautilus cleaning system of dual brushes, potent suction, and dual good and ultra-fine filtration systems ensure that your pool will be cost-free of all kinds of debris and dirt.


  • Cleans really well and in less time compared with most other pool area cleaners
  • Convenient top-loading filter system signifies less effort
  • Dual filtration system pick up both large and small particles


  • No timer, no cleaning modes, and no handheld control
  • Some customers claim they have had to take theirs in for repair multiple times

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4. Dolphin Premier

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The Dolphin Nautilus Plus provides a top-loading filtering basket and a bit more capacity to the proven cleaning performance of the original Dolphin Nautilus. It also costs more.

The most notable-loading filter basket is a nice addition for people who struggle to lift heavy cleaners out of the water and for swimming pool area owners who have to run their cleaners constantly.

The Nautilus Plus also comes with CleverClean scanning technology to improve cleaning patterns. This allows the cleaner to cover the entire swimming pool in just 2 hours.

Like the original Nautilus, treads provide a robust grip on pool surfaces. And help this solution scale pool walls easily.

The Nautilus cleaning system of dual brushes, potent suction, and dual good and ultra-fine filtration systems ensure that your pool will be cost-free of all kinds of debris and dirt.


  • Cleans really well and in less time compared with most other pool area cleaners
  • Convenient top-loading filter system signifies less effort
  • Dual filtration system pick up both large and small particles


  • No timer, no cleaning modes, and no handheld control
  • Some customers claim they have had to take theirs in for repair multiple times

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5. Dolphin Sigma

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As it is one of the most expensive and largest-capacity Dolphin robotic pool cleaners ever made, we had big expectations for the new Dolphin Sigma.

Is it worth the asking price? Yes, we think so – especially if you own a large (50 ft ) in-terrain pool.

What makes a difference will be the triple motors that provide more power while preserving energy. Sigma can handle wall surfaces and floor of any size or shape without a problem. It also works great on all types of pool surfaces.

The SmartNav 3. Gyroscopic Navigation provides virtually 100% coverage in less time than other pool cleaners. The other cleaners could clean pools as large as this one can if that is.

The Dolphin Sigma also utilizes another trick to improve navigation: independent track drive.

A completely independent track drive works as tank tracks do. If the cleaner needs to turn in place, tracks move in opposite recommendations. This makes tight turns feasible and helps the cleaner browse through around obstacles and thoroughly clean tight corners where other pool cleaners struggle.

That said, we are not in love with the Sigma smartphone/Bluetooth control. It is a nicely done app, but it feels like a gimmick. You can set a weekly timer, pick a cleaning mode and navigate the pool cleaner by using it, though – which is good.

Unfortunately, in our opinion, Bluetooth is probably not a good choice for controlling pool products – especially for larger homes and pools, which the Sigma is designed to handle. Bluetooth range is technically limited to 30 ft, which means you probably cannot direct it from your upstairs bedroom. Â

, the Sigma is probably the most capable pool cleaners you can buy and is a top selection for anyone with a really large in-ground pool. Overall and however


  • Can handle additional-large in-ground pools
  • Powerful cleaning performance
  • Convenient Bluetooth management via an app
  • Smart menu reduces cleaning times and saves energy
  • Independent tracks provide better coverage in limited corners


  • Expensive
  • Bluetooth app does not always job

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7. Dolphin Quantum

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The Dolphin Quantum is a powerful tread-driven swimming pool area cleaner for large in-ground pools that provide superb wall-cleaning capacity due to its water jet push.

The Dolphin Quantum does not have the wireless capability as the Sigma does, and the monitors do not turn independently.

But it really has its own list of impressive capabilities, most notably its Energy Jet drive.

It ejects powerful jets of water from three nozzles – similar to rocket thrust, as being the Quantum pool cleaner goes.

The Jets push the Quantum against the surface of your own pool which helps it keep a strong grip when moving up a wall. Thanks to the drinking water jets, the Dolphin Quantum can move both vertically and laterally along the wall surface. It does indeed nice and clean walls better than other Dolphins.

The jets also help the Quantum more easily navigate around or around obstacles.

Like other Maytronics cleaners, the Dolphin Quantum uses double brushes to scrub algae and debris off the swimming pool surface. The high RPM brushes can remove the most obstinate grime stuck in the pool.

All debris is sucked into one of the greatest filter cartridges of any robotic pool cleaner. This 400 square inch cartridge can hold much more dirt and debris than most other pool cleaners, which means you should empty it less.


  • Programmable each week timer
  • Powerful, energy-efficient motors
  • Water jets provide best-in-class vertical walls cleaning
  • Huge filter ink cartridge means less frequent emptying


  • Price
  • Lacks swivel connector on the cord

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8. Dolphin Escape


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The Dolphin Escape is an earlier mentioned-ground pool cleaner that provides the energy efficiency, wise navigation, and cleaning strength of many larger in-ground pool cleaners – for way less money.

The Dolphin Escape is contrary to the other Dolphins we have looked at so far in several ways.

Firstly, the Escape is designed for above-ground pools. And, it costs quite a bit less than the Nautilus, Triton, Sigma, and Quantum series.

The engines are not as powerful as those of others, and the power cord is shorter. Â There are no water jets to press the Escape up against the surface.

Unlike most other products in its price range, the Evade is fitted with the Maytronic SmartNav 2. system that optimizes the cleaning habits to provide complete coverage and waste less energy.

Dual active brushes (meaning they spin as the cleaner goes), scrub away at algae and debris stuck to the pool surface.

The Dolphin Escape works well on almost any pool surface thanks to the HyperGrip Continuous Tracks. The songs also make it easy for the cleaner to climb around pool features and size pool walls without slipping.

You will also value how light the Dolphin Escape is, too – something that cannot be said for many pool cleaners. You will have a less difficult time putting it in the pool and lifting it out.


  • Lightweight
  • Cleans sand results in and most other kinds of debris
  • Can climb wall surfaces (uncommon in above-ground cleaners)
  • Works in all types of above-ground swimming pools, including vinyl
  • Large filtration cartridge


  • No extra-fine filter provided (can buy separately)
  • No swivel cord

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9. Dolphin Triton


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The Dolphin Triton is one of the top-rated Dolphin pool cleaners ever sold.

The triton is certainly not a new product, but it remains one of the best wall surface-cleaners on the market.

The Dolphin Triton is loaded with many of the advanced features available in other high-end Dolphin models, including smart scanning, a programmable weekly timer, and a super-fine filter that can capture the tiniest of debris.

Active dual brushes leave your pool floor and walls looking pristine.

Due to its swivel cable and grip treads, the Dolphin Triton rarely gets stuck, whether navigating over the pool drain or climbing the wall.

Unlike various other pool cleaners that manage to go only halfway up a wall, the Triton reliably cleans all the way to the waterline to provide complete insurance coverage.

Although heavy and not a whole new technology, this is a proven workhorse that we continue to recommend to friends and family.


  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • A master at climbing walls and methods
  • Swivel cable does not tangle
  • Each week Timer


  • Not as energy-efficient as newer Dolphin models
  • Takes 3 hours to clean (vs. 2 hours for newer models)

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10. Dolphin Triton Plus


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The Dolphin Triton Plus provides more power and more functions to the base Triton model.

You may or may not care about these characteristics, however. If not, then keep with the original (it costs quite a bit less).

The main difference between the Dolphin Triton and the Dolphin Triton Plus is the Bluetooth handheld control included with the Triton Plus. To use it, download the Dolphin app to your mobile phone and sync it to the cleaner.

Using the app, you may navigate the cleaner manually, set a weekly clock, and select your preferred cleaning method.

Another feature that makes the Triton Plus worth the extra income is its PowerStream travel. Basically, the same concept as the PowerJet in the Dolphin Quantum.

PowerStream uses water jets to provide more grip and better directional control, allowing the Triton Plus to get around over obstacles and ascend walls without getting trapped.

Like in the original Triton design, active dual brushes rub the floor and walls to remove stuck bacteria and debris, and algae. This keeps your pool cleaner and much healthier totally free.

Powerful suction vacuums the debris through fine and ultra-fine filters, guaranteeing everything from tiny sand contaminants to large leaves and twigs are picked up.

The Triton Plus is a nice modern upgrade of a dependable pool cleaner that we adore, the original Dolphin Triton.

In the event you appreciate smartphone control and the addition of more powerful water jets, then add this one to your shortlist.


  • Convenient Bluetooth control
  • Includes every week cleansing and timer modes
  • Outstanding cleaning performance; scrubs away algae and debris and has no trouble climbing walls.
  • Consists of fine and ultra-great filters
  • Smart algorithms avoid the cable from tangling


  • The non-swivel cable still tangles sometimes

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11. Hayward Tiger Shark QC

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The Hayward Tiger Shark QC is a proven, excellent robot pool cleaner designed for sizeable in-ground swimming pools of up to 20 by 40 feet.

Dolphin models are by far the most popular robotic swimming pool area cleaners sold today – and as you can tell already, there are a lot to choose from.

But there are additional great brands, too.  We really like Hayward pool area cleaners, specifically the Tiger Shark Quick Clean (QC).

One of the best features of the Tiger Shark is its accommodating cleaning modes. It can thoroughly clean at two different rates, depending on how dirty your swimming pool is and how soon you would like to use it.

Find the full 3-60 minutes cleaning cycle if you want an in-depth clean. If you are readying the pool fora home bash or an afternoon swim, the cleaner also offers a quick pattern that lasts 90 minutes or so.

The Tiger Shark QC cleans really well, too (on in-depth mode). It does a fantastic job removing most of the debris and algae from the pool, though it may be not as good as higher-end Dolphin models.

It struggles a bit on stairs and walls depending on the surface area type, even though the Tiger Shark QC also cleans floors, walls, coves and up to the waterline.

, it will an excellent job for the price. Overall and however


  • Convenient fast clean cycle
  • Cleans most areas of the pool very well
  • The filter cartridge is easy to remove and clean


  • It is a bit heavy
  • Struggles on stairs and walls at times

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12. Hayward Tigershark (Plus & Standard)

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The TigerShark Plus adds an extended warranty plus a remote control to their Standard TigerShark… for significantly more money.

Both the Standard and Plus Tiger Shark robot swimming pool cleaners come with the same powerful vacuum suction powered by a 24V DC motor, complete pool coverage including wall surfaces and cove, and a patented filter cartridge that is super easy to remove and clean.

Adding a remote control increases the buying price of the TigerShark considerably, so if you think you can do without remote control, we recommend the typical model.

On the flip side, the Plus model carries a longer 3-year warranty and is an excellent performer.


  • Price
  • Three-year warranty
  • Excellent cleaning performance. Removes almost all trash including sand and sediment, and leaves
  • Includes remote control with guide navigation buttons
  • Easy to thoroughly clean filter cartridge


  • The remote control is not worth the value
  • No quick clean period

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13. Aquabot X4

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For about half the price of a comparable Dolphin model, the Aquabot X4 robot pool cleaner supplies 4WD traction, intelligent pool mapping for efficient cleansing, and an anti-tangle swivel cable.

You also obtain a caddy for free.

The Aquabot X4 is designed for the above terrain and in-ground swimming pools.

This cleaner has no issue cleaning any kind of surface, because of the 4WD navigation and high-grip wheels.

Micro-brushes fixed to the bottom of the X4 rotate as being the pool cleaner moves within the pool, agitating debris and algae stuck to the swimming pool walls and floor.

All dirt is trapped by the ultra-fine filters that will catch particles as small as 2 microns.

When it comes to programmability and scheduling features, the X4 offers more than most Dolphins.

For example, it is one of the couples of robotic pool cleaners which provide you control over the cleaning upcycle duration. You can pick a 1, 1.5, or 2-hour cleaning cycle.

The longest pattern is shorter than more pricey pool cleaners because the X4 has a smart pool mapping feature to increase efficiency.

You can even set the pool cleanser to clean automatically every two days, three days, or 4 days.

Great value for your money, as I said. Along with the programmable cleaning options really help you weather different months easily.


  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Works in the earlier mentioned ground and in-terrain pools
  • Programmable cycles and weekly timer
  • Swivel cable tv to prevent tangling
  • Great affordability


  • Struggles with some regions like the waterline and steps
  • Tires do not provide the same degree of traction of jet push or treads

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14. Aquabot Spirit

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The Aquabot Spirit maintains exactly the same more-for-less spirit of the Aquabot X4 but adds an upgraded jet flow propulsion system – a feature typically offered only in significantly pricier Dolphin & Polaris cleaners.

Jets of water force the unit to your pool area, improving mobility and dislodging more dirt from the pool surface.

, the Aquabot Mindset lacks scrubbing brushes towards the bottom, which does hinder its cleaning ability. Unfortunately and however The jets help a little with stuck algae and grime, but brushes would have carried out a much better job.

Because of this, we recommend the Aquabot Spirit for pools that do not suffer from algae and other kinds of hard-to-remove surface grime.

Nevertheless, lots of happy consumers claim their pool stays clean with only a handbook scrubbing required now and then.

Other compromises include using handbags instead of filter cartridges (bags are messier) and the lack of a smart mapping system.

Regardless of these omissions, we continue to think the Aquabot Spirit represents a great value for money.

We highly recommend it if you are looking for any budget pool cleaner for your in-ground or overground pool – as long as you do not suffer from algae blossoms, mud, or mold.


  • Affordable
  • Efficient and energy-saving propulsion system
  • Swivel cable
  • Convenient top-access filters


  • No scrubbing brushes. You have to sometimes scrub the pool personally
  • Bags are messier and harder to clean compared to cartridges

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15. Aquabot Pool Rover S2 40

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The Pool Rover S2 40 is an extremely affordable robot base-cleaner for earlier mentioned ground pools of up to 40 feet in length. It does a great job cleaning the pool floor, the cove, and areas of the wall.

The Pool area Rover S2 suction method filters 80 gallons of water a minute and cleans the whole pool in 2 hours.

There exists a 1-hour solution – although it will not depart your pool totally clean if you want a quick clean.

Extremely fine filter totes capture particles and debris as small as 2 microns. The filters are placed at the top, making maintenance much easier.

Like the Aquabot Spirit, the Pool Rover S2 40 lacks scrubbing brushes. So you have to occasionally scrub the pool manually.

Also, be aware that the Pool Rover series are some of the flimsiest-feeling products you can buy. They are lightweight and rattle a bit.

That said, appearance can be deceiving. The Pool Rover S2 40 is really an easy and dependable-to-fix cleaner that works just fine to keep simple above-ground swimming pool area floors clean.


  • Interestingly affordable
  • Two cleaning pattern options
  • Surprisingly good cleaning up performance, considering it has no brushes
  • Convenient top-access filters


  • The occasional manual scrubbing required. This cleaner lacks brushes
  • Fails to fully scale walls
  • No intelligent navigation


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16. Aquabot Pool Rover Junior

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Are you looking for the least expensive cleaner for a previously mentioned ground pool? If so, the Pool Rover Junior is our perennial top pick.

Yes, it is actually small, a bit flimsy and runs on plastic wheels – but the Aquabot Pool Rover Junior cleans flat over-ground pool flooring like a beast.

Like the S2 model just described, the Aquabot Pool Rover Junior has no scrubbing brushes. Instead, it relies on the Aquabot Hydro-Automatic technology to move around the pool area and dislodge dirt caught on the pool surface employing water jets only.

The extra-wide wheels allow it to move easily on different types of pool surfaces.

You will, nevertheless, have to set the tire pins to establish the correct path/angle for ideal cleaning. This takes a number of tries to get right.

The Pool Rover Junior can filter up to 70 gallons a minute, passing the water through an ultra-fine 2-micron filter handbag.

It is a small sacrifice for saving so much money, though the filtering bag is a bit tedious to wash.

Note: Aquabot recently up-to-date the Pool Rover Junior. Unfortunately, in 2017 a lot of customers reported poor construction, requiring frequent repair. Aquabot jumped onto the issue swiftly, appears to have resolved it based on the many positive the latest reviews.


  • Super-affordable
  • The ultra-fine filter picks up even the smallest of particles
  • Works on all kinds of pool surfaces


  • Occasional manual scrubbing required. This cleanser lacks brushes
  • Does not totally scale walls
  • No smart navigation
  • Wheel pins utilized to manually set direction (has a few tries to set it right)

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17. Pentair Kreepy Krauly Prowler 830

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The Kreepy Krauly 830 is incorporated in the same price range as substantial-end Dolphin designs and does just as good a job cleaning greater in-ground pools.

Using two scrubbing brushes and powerful suction, the Kreepy Krauly picks up all kinds of debris from algae and grime trapped on the walls to results in and twigs floating in the water.

The Kreepy Krauly progresses treads rather than wheels, thus it has no problem climbing surfaces and cleaning stairs. It can not get stuck on the empty, either.

An auto-opposite feature ensures the 830 can rescue itself very easily if it gets stuck inside a corner.

This is a hands-off automatic pool cleaner – just set the timer and leave it with your pool to clean.

The downside?

At 45 lbs, it is easily one of the heaviest robotic swimming pool cleaners sold.

Luckily, it arrives with a transport caddy for moving it to and from storage space (if only it also lifted the cleaner from the pool).

But you do not have to remove it out from the pool every time it clears.

Just leave it in and use the included remote device to set up a weekly timetable if you are busy. It will clear automatically at the set occasions even if you are not home.


  • Excellent washing performance
  • Easy mobility. Swivel cable, strongly gripping treads and auto-change ensure it never will get stuck
  • Includes remote control with a weekly timer
  • Free move caddy included


  • Expensive
  • Very heavy

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18. Smartpool NC22 SmartKleen

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The Smartpool NC22 SmartKleen is undoubtedly an advanced brush-cleaning robot cleaner for earlier mentioned ground and smaller in-ground pools.

The NC22 features high-traction, direct-push wheels to improve mobility on different types of pool surfaces.

The SmartKleen also comes with a wise navigation system that allows the cleaner to turn without depending on the walls like most previously mentioned ground pool cleaners.

The system detects when the cleaner has traveled certain triggers an extended distance a change in direction.

A couple of spinning brushes on the rear stop of this cleaner scrub grime off the pool floor when an efficient brush-to-port suction program vacuums up large and small bits of debris without losing suction power.

Thankfully, the NC22 SmartKleen pool cleaner is also comparatively light. Most people will find it easy to lift it in the pool.

The quick-empty system helps by allowing drinking water collected in the cleaner to spill out the back as you lift it. This lightens the cleaner considerably.


  • The Quick-drain method makes it easy to lift
  • Washes above ground and modest in-ground pools quite well, including walls
  • Works on all pool areas including fiberglass and vinyl.
  • Successful suction system


  • Uses bags instead of cartridges, which happens to be messier and harder to clean up
  • The frame on the filtration bag breaks too effortlessly

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How We Rate Them

We have a look at four main criteria to assign our 5-star rating to each robotic pool cleaner.

The final star rating is the unweighted average of the following four results:

  • 1. Value: for the price, how does this pool cleaner compare with competitors on features, cleaning ability, and maintenance costs?
  • 2. Wall Cleaning up: how well does this pool cleaner clean hard-to-reach vertical surfaces?
  • 3. Energy Efficiency: how much does it cost to run the pool cleaner each month?
  • 4. Floor Cleaning: how well accomplishes this robotic cleaner pick up all sizes of debris – including fine particles like sand and grit?

Things to Know Before You Buy

Knowing the key features to look for, choosing a robotic pool cleaner is not difficult.

Does It Scrub Walls?

Most robotic pool cleaners thoroughly clean every square inch of the swimming pool area floor with whirling brushes and vacuum loose debris.

But only a few pool cleaners are good at removing algae as well as other contaminants from vertical surface areas like steps and walls, and stairs.

Use our Walls Cleaning Rating to get a general idea of how well each cleaner performs on this important task.

Check The Energy Efficiency

Sadly, millions of older-style pool cleaners are in use, plus some are still available to buy.

These older models can consume more than 1,000 watts, which is far more than newer low-voltage units.

The latest automatic pool cleaners feature energy-efficient 24 voltage DC motors that consume 80% less energy per hour of cleaning than their AC forerunners.

The latest robotic cleansers only cost about 5 cents per hour to run because they operate on just 100-200 watts – about the same as a single light bulb in reality!

Use our Energy Efficiency Rating to understand how much money you can save each year.

Watch Out For Twisted Wires

Twisted cables are the most frustrating aspect of owning an automatic pool cleaner.

Tangles impair the cleaning function by not letting the device achieve every nook and cranny in the pool. Make sure you buy a unit with an underwater cable swivel to avoid this problem.

Get a Multiple-Year Warranty

Getting a robotic pool cleaner repaired is not cheap.

You will gradually have to replace a motor, and the cost can be a genuine eye-opener – some replacement motors charge almost as much as a new cleaner.

There are two ways to minimize this risk:

1. Look for designs with a replacement motor that costs less than $500.

2. Buy a pool cleaner by using a 24-month low-prorated warranty or better. Some of the more expensive designs carry a 3-calendar year non-prorated guarantee.

Upgrades That Will Save You Funds

The best pool cleaners are not cheap.

That said, there are times when you must consider loosening your grasp on the almighty dollar.

Here are three important features that are worth the additional expense.

1. Cable Swivel

Robotic cleaning solutions turn and twist their cables all the time and sometimes go up vertical walls. This complicated unattended movement can easily tangle the power cord unless a 360-degree swivel is in place.

While a no-tangle cable television swivel is absolutely recommended, remember that a cable swivel will eliminate most tangles, but not all of them.

2. Intelligent Navigation

Older pump-driven and suction products may cost less up-front, but they use random walk navigation. This means they wander across the pool randomly. In addition, they operate during a fixed timeframe every day, whether or not your swimming pool needs cleaning.

Random motion and fixed timeframes imply the cleaning process is going to be ineffective and spotty, wasting energy and adding unnecessary tear and wear on your own unit.

The best new robotic pool cleaners such as the Dolphin Dolphin and Nautilus Triton utilizes Intelligent Navigation, which depends on more sophisticated software and location checking to compute an optimized pattern for cleaning your swimming pool and keep track of where the product has already been.

Intelligent Navigation tends to make robotic pool cleaners far more energy-efficient than other kinds of automated pool cleaners and demand less time to clean your swimming pool area.

3. Programmable Timer

Along with navigation, the ability to program when and how frequently your cleanser operates is important.

We favor units with Adjustable/Variable Timers. Variable electronic timers let you run your cleansing cycle as needed – every two days, daily, or every week. This saves on utilities and rips and wear. It is just a smarter way to clean that will save energy over time.

4. Adaptable Filter Media

Selecting the right filtration system media is a tough decision if the unit only welcomes one filter at a time. Traditionally pool cleaner customers have had to choose between a tote or cartridge-based program.

However, some of the newer automatic pool cleaners no longer force you to make this tradeoff.

For example, Maytronics cleaners ensure it is easy to swap filtration media. And the best Hayward pool cleaners like the Hayward Tiger Shark use reinforced cartridge filters that are super easy to clean and swap.

Media overall flexibility is important because as the seasons change, your filtering requirements change. To pick up bigger trees and trash leaves, make use of the coarse filter or a bag. To clean your pool from an algae rash or pollen, put in a fine mesh printer cartridge.

Energy-Saving Features

Take into account the following energy-saving features when choosing your next pool cleaner if low jogging costs are high on your priority list. In all of our testimonials, we assign an Energy Efficiency Rating to give you an idea of how our robotic pool cleaner picks compare on this crucial feature.

1. Contact Adhesive Drive

Look for robotic pool cleaners with rubber songs that have a big sticky contact patch on them. These abide by vertical pool surfaces much better than plastic tracks and tires.

Your cleaner will cut back time cleaning with a speak to adhesive drive because this design and style minimize slippage on side-to-side surfaces.

Our Floor Washing Rating covers this element of pool cleaning.

2. Clever Navigation

When your pool washing route is controlled by intelligent navigation software, it will take less time to clean your pool and reduces energy ingestion.

3. Variable Timer

Having a variable timer installed, your pool cleaner will only activate when needed – not every time, which is the default for less expensive cleaners.

This single function can triple your energy efficiency!

NOTE: Many cleaners include only a day-to-day timer and you should not let you set times.

Just what is a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

A robotic pool cleaner is actually a self-contained device that cleans a swimming pool automatically using 12V DC power fed from a wall’s power supply and an AC/DC converter.

By automatically I mean that you do not have to do anything. Just put the pool cleaner in the water, press a control button on the power unit and also the cleaner propels itself around the floor and sometimes up the wall.

I mean that it has everything it needs to move and clean within it by personal-contained. In contrast, standard suction-side and pressure-side swimming pool cleaners rely on your swimming pool area pump and filter (for that suction-side cleaner) to clean.

In addition, tension and suction cleaners agitate dirt but do not filtration system it. The pool water pump must also be on for them to work.

In contrast, robotic pool cleaners use high-pressure jets and washing brushes to agitate trash, a suction system to vacuum the debris, and internal mesh filters to capture the debris and remove it from the water.

Different automatic pool cleaners vary in capability depending on the price.

Cheaper ones are usually for earlier-mentioned ground pools. They clean the floor and aspect from the wall.

More expensive robotic swimming pool cleaners are designed for large in-ground pools with steps and complex surfaces. They can scrub the floor, go up the wall to the normal water line and even clean the steps.

How Robotic Pool area Cleaners Work

Mobility approaches differ among the leading robot pool cleaners.

Most utilize a motor to drive wheels or treads. Others use a jet propulsion system where jets of water push the swimming pool area cleaner forward.

Some use both types, in which a motor pushes wheels while jets of water provide a powerful thrust downwards, increasing the grip of the pool cleaner, especially when moving vertically on the wall.

So how does a robot cleaner know where to clean?

Effectively, the truth is that cheaper robotic swimming pool cleaners do not. They shift randomly for 2 or 3 hours then shut down, hopefully having covered most of the pool.

Devote a bit more money, and you can obtain a robotic pool cleaner with smart navigation and mapping that may map out pool areas and optimize its cleansing pattern to ensure 100% coverage in the shortest time.

Concerning cleaning, most robotic swimming pool cleaners combine scrubbing brushes that agitate debris trapped on the pool surface with a vacuum system to pull the debris-containing water through the filters.

The dirt is trapped in a filter case or cartridge that you get rid of later when the robot solution is done.

Lower Maintenance and Energy Fees

Because they are not connected to your pool water pump, robotic pool cleaners generate no additional back pressure on the pool system, unlike a pressure or a suction-based cleaner.

This means you prevent the need to add a booster water pump or install new plumbing, which saves in up-front costs.

Upkeep costs are better-monitored due to the use of intelligent and efficient cleaning algorithms that prevent over-use of the product.

Excellent Filtration

Every robotic pool cleaner relies on an effective pool filter that is simple to clean.

Many pool robots come with extremely efficient filters.

A fine mesh down to 2 microns is not uncommon, which fine of a filter can catch even the Best dust.

What Are the Main Benefits of Using Robotic Pool Cleaners?

  • Robot products save you the trouble of cleaning your pool manually.
  • Robotic pool cleaners minimize the use of chemical substances, making for a healthier pool area – and saving you money.
  • Robot cleaners inhibit the development of algae in the pool area, especially during winter.
    Because you do not have to use the pool pump and filter as often, lowers pool area maintenance and utility costs.

10 Great Reasons To Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool area cleaners are one of the most popular improvements for pool owners, for many good reasons.

Here are 10 amazing reasons why buying a robotic pool cleaner is worth the investment:

1. Maintenance-friendly

2. Lower running costs

3. Less chemical usage

4. Climb and scrub walls, too

5. Extremely efficient washing

6. Super-easy installation

7. Lower noises level

8. No water pump or pump upgrade is needed

9. Hands-away cleaning: just drop it in the water and walk away

10. Great product warranties

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