Best Band Saws For Cutting Metal Horizontal & Vertical Cutting Guide 2023

If you operate a machine shop, one of many tools you should be looking to install in 2020 is a horizontal & vertical metal bandsaw. This band discovered type can cut almost any metal and undoubtedly, is one of the top tools for increasing output in a machine workshop. As opposed to typical saws, metal band saws are much effective,adaptable and powerful, and long-lasting.

Hydraulics form the basis of the bandsaw’s operations, such as control of the bow’s placement, blade tension, and quantity of pressure necessary for various cuts.

If you do not have an idea of what to look for, choosing the best band saws can be quite difficult, especially. This article will guide you by means of some properties to consider in addition to reviewing some of the best vertical and horizontal cutting metal band saws on the 2020 market.

5 Best Band Saws For Cutting Metal Reviewed

KAKA BS-712N, 7-inch Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw4.6See It Now
Jet HBS-916W 1-1/2 HP 115-Volt/230Volt 9-Inch by 16-Inch Capacity Horizontal Band Saw5.0See It Now
Grizzly Industrial G0613-7" x 8-1/4" 1 HP Swivel Metal-Cutting Bandsaw3.0See It Now
WEN 3970T 4-inch x 6-inch Metal-Cutting Band Saw3.7See It Now
JET 414559 Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw4.8See It Now

KAKA BS-712N Metal Cutting Side to side Band Saw

See It Now



1.5 horsepower motor

Hydraulic feed

Vertical working table

Topping the list is the KAKA Industrial BS-712N band saw. This bandsaw features iron cast development and tools that assure consistent performance even under weighty usage. Besides, the unit features a 7” * 12” rectangle-shaped capacity and has four speeds that allow you to cut metals of several densities, including the heavy kinds such as steel and aluminum.

BS-712N includes several safety features that make it a great tool for industrial and home-based metalwork. The guards, automatic closed-off, and coolant systems serve to prevent losses and injuries during machine functioning. By preventing injuries, the protection features keep you off unneeded medical bills, of which some can take a significant toll on your own personal or company’s costs.

The unit is designed to ease reducing procedures. It has quick clamps that allow you to secure and unfasten your workpieces easily. Aside from, the unit will enable you to switch the clamps from to 45 degrees, giving you full power over your metalwork projects. The coolant protects the blade from overheating and therefore prolongs its lifespan when increasing its cutting accuracy and precision.

The machine provides you with the versatility you will be looking for in a band discovered. You can switch between vertical mode and horizontal function, depending on the needs of your task. You will also love the fact that Kaka Industrial’s BS-712N band saw has a curler cabinet for material and tool storage.

Fixed to the foot of the machine is a set of 4 wheels, which makes it easy for you to maneuver the bandsaw around your shop. Hydraulic control allows you to set an ideal feed price that determines the ultimate pressure exerted by the blade to the workpiece.


  • Easy switching of cut perspectives
  • Can be used horizontally and vertically
  • Remarkably portable


  • Lacks tire-locks, and hence, you must find a mechanism to secure it in place.
  • A 1-year warranty to get a product costing close to $900

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Jet HBS-916W 16” Capacity Horizontal Band Saw

See It Now



Speedy positioning vise

9-Inch by 16-Inch Capacity

Coolant is distributed through the blade quides

Are you looking for a band saw that offers you an ideal blend of functionality, precision, and performance? Here’s the Jet HBS-916W 16” Capability Horizontal Band Saw. A few of the features that make this unit stand out from the rest are the substantial handwheel and built-in gauges that make blade tension modification seamless.

Undoubtedly, you expect premium services from a tool that costs more than $3300. Driving this 9*16inch capacity unit is single-phase, 1.5HP, 415V motor that delivers sufficient power to handle demanding duties. It weighs slightly earlier mentioned 620 pounds and procedures 66*23*42 inches.

The unit’s reinvented cooling system distributes the coolant throughout the guides, a quality essential for safety and cooling needs of extended functions. Something else you will love regarding this machine is that it keeps the blade guarded, irrespective of the positioning of the guides. The always-intact guide incorporates a double row of parallel ball bearing at its end for additional anchorage.

The quick-positioning vise, whose jaws can be rotated up to 45 degrees, contains your workpiece firmly in place while allowing you to work with a variety of cut angles. With the totally-adjustable hydraulic down feed featuring a separate on/off valve, you can rest assured to enjoy relaxed moments when metal cutting.

JET HBS-916W comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Generous cutting range
  • Easy adjustment of the blade’s stress
  • Exemplary coolant distribution


  • More expensive than most band saws
  • Not portable

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Grizzly Industrial G0613 Swivel Metal-Cutting Bandsaw

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1 HP

Blade sizing: 82? x 3/4?

Included blade dimension: 82? x 3/4? x 4/6

If you are keen on generating extra cuts, Grizzly Business G0631 Band Saw is what you need. Grizzly manufactured this unit with productivity and accuracy in mind, considering it permits you to make cuts ranging from to 60 degrees. Besides, it is straightforward to set the cut angles, and this means that almost no time is lost in between the cuts, especially when you are keen on meeting a tight production deadline.

Something notable about this equipment is its level-controlled guide locks that allow you to make adjustments up to the workpiece for optimum support. Coupling this support feature may be the blade guide’s fully adjustable ball-bearings that assures straight cuts out of this unit. Additional features are a stock length stop and a quick-release lever that enable users to move to succeeding cuts as quickly as possible.

Running the operations of the approximately 500pounds unit is 1HP, 110/220V single-phase motor, and a 1/8HP, 110/220V single-cycle pump motor. Grizzly Commercial G0631 features a comfortable flooring to table height, so be sure that you won’t struggle with back pain, strain, and fatigue when operating this machine.

You can use the entirely-adjustable hydraulic downward-feed to change the feed rates when converting between aluminum and steel, though the blade has a one speed of 314 toes/min. Furthermore, the saw has a deep-throated vise with a lever lock that offers optimum hold required for straight cuts.

The Grizzly Industrial G0613 has different capacities for slicing spherical and rectangular metals, together with the sizes varying with determined blade angles. Irrespective of the cut angles and the metal type you are working on, ensure that the twin coolant nozzles, one at each end, could keep the blade cool and functioning optimally for a long time.


  • More cut angles than several competitors
  • Designed for a lifespan and heavy-obligation use
  • Easy to change workpieces


  • The preset pace limits full control
  • Lacks portability

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WEN 3970 Aluminum-Cutting Band Found with Stand

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Automated shut-off

Adapt the blade speed

Generate cuts anywhere from 0° to 60°

If you are searching for a cost-effective saw with exciting capabilities and one that will offer you regular performance, WEN 3970 is worth your consideration. It’s worth mentioning that it will be converted to a top to bottom unit in seconds by simply weightlifting the head and attaching the vertical cutting table, though this unit comes in a regular design. The vertical function will enable you to cut peculiar and complex shapes seamlessly.

This product also incorporates a relatively stable stand up with two wheels, which significantly improves the machine’s convenience. Unlike with the four-wheeled counterparts, you can expect this machine to remain stationary without the need of concerns of accidental rolling.

This machine allows you to utilize a variety of metals, including brass, steel, and copper. You would like to pay attention to the blade’s speed when cutting different alloys. In this regard, WEN 3970 lets you change the operating speeds to be able to work accurately for a particular material’s density.

Another feature that distinguishes WEN 3970 from most of its competitors is definitely the beveling vise that offers superb grip while allowing you to trim your workpieces at any position between60 and degrees.

Its ability for cutting circular and rectangular materials is approximately 4.6inch diameter and 4” * 6”, respectively. The onboard tilt and blade tension knobs ease adjustments while the give adjustment handle enables you to adapt the speed at which the bow drops during the horizontal method.


  • Affordable to most customers
  • Commendable two-year warranty for a budget product
  • Portable with the ability to remain fixed at a workstation


  • Unsuitable for large materials due to dimensions limitations
  • Some users complained regarding the weakness in the wheel make-up
  • Low table height

    See It Now

JET 414559 Horizontal/Top to bottom Bandsaw



See It Now



Rapid activity vise miters to 45°

Adjustable material stop

Here’s another JET product with almost everything you could be looking for within both horizontal and vertical bandsaws. Initially, it’s easy and quick to change the model into a top to the bottom unit, and vice versa, to help you carry on a variety of metal-reducing projects without limitations. The durable design featuring cast iron and steel construction ensures consistent results and a very long lifespan.

The set of 4 wheels attached to the base on this unit makes it easy for you to relocate it around your unit shop, even though finding a transportable 285 -pound machine is quite uncommon. Besides, each wheel is made with sturdy buildings, so you don’t have to stress about them breaking or faltering in the nearby future.

You can use this machine to cut a variety of materials, including steel and lightweight aluminum, with the multiple speed settings allowing you to fine-track the saw to achieve your cut objectives seamlessly. Apart from, the unit’s rapid-action vise will enable you to modify cut angles up to 45 degrees, allowing you to make numerous cuts effortlessly. A consistent coolant system guarantees smooth decreasing while preventing overheating.

Even though the automatic shut-off of system present in this machine isn’t a new invention, it is a feature worth highlighting. Included in this bandsaw is a nick-tray that assures a clean and dust-free working surface for more and healthier comfortable machine operations. You will also find the built-in safe-keeping cabinet useful.


  • Great-quality and durable design and components
  • Though not inexpensive, has a praiseworthy price-to-quality proportion
  • Chip-tray that enhances a healthier functioning environment


  • Not an easy-to-use machine for beginners
  • Small substance collection pan means some fluid is spilled on to the ground during operation

    See It Now

Buying Information

Characteristic to Look for in a Metal Band Saw

a. Dimensions

Horizontal and vertical steel band saws are available in various sizes, ranging from benchtop versions to large floor models. However, your choice will depend on the scale of your work.

Pay attention to the measurements of the saw table. You desire one large enough to support a big workpiece and the materials you would like to use during the cutting process. To prevent fatigue and strains when operating the band found, be sure to pick the right height from the table.

b. Variable Rates of speed

You want to go for a tool with multiple speed settings. Modern day band saws incorporate various speed settings so that you can find the best operating option when cutting a variety of metals. In contrast to brass and steel require a low cutting speed of about 100ft/min, aluminum is useful with at about 1000ft/min.

c. Blade Angles

An excellent vertical/horizontal bandsaw has several cut angles. Whereas the typical cut angles are 45 and 30 degrees, some present day versions of band saws allow users to spin the vise up to 60 degrees. As much as you are looking for multiple blade angles, you also want to be sure that the machine will allow you to switch from a angle to the other effortlessly.

d. Portability

The portability of a band saw becomes a critical factor if you work at a number of stations in a workshop or when there is a need to transport the machine to another place. In this regard, pick a bandsaw with wheel-portability.

You want to get a machine with wheel tresses to prevent accidental rolling. The protective measure serves to eliminate the risk of personal damage and injury to the band saw and other equipment in your machine retail outlet. A machine without wheel-locks can also suit your metal cutting needs, but be sure to put in place a mechanism that secures the band found.

e. Safety

Safety is a critical factor when it comes to any machine operation, including eye and ear safety equipment. Therefore, you want to go for a bandsaw with a variety of safety features for additional defense.

There are plenty of safety concerns of the blade. The blade’s idler wheel and guide wheel spin at high speed and pose a safety threat that you just shouldn’t underestimate. The idler and guide should be hidden in the saw’s frame by steel covers.

A blade safeguard is essential for protecting the hands and fingers from the risks associated with the sharp edges. Also, opt for a metallic bandsaw with blade guides that stay in place no matter the cutting angle.

The standard of the machine’s coolant program also matters. You want to make sure that the motor and the pulley systems won’t overheat from extended operations.

Watch out for automated shut-off when choosing your horizontal/top to bottom band saw. The feature automatically stops the blade from spinning when you complete your cut.

How to Use a Horizontal and Vertical Metal Band Saw

You may feel intimidated by a metal bandsaw, especially if you are operating it the first time. Nonetheless, implementing the appropriate security measures and using the stipulated guidelines is the key to successful and safe machine operation.

Tension during first-time operations is common, but with time, it becomes easier for you to handle the cuts seamlessly. Here are instructions for using a band saw for metallic cutting.

  • First, mark the most preferred cut line on your workpiece using appropriate tools. A digital height gauge can help you record accurate distances along your workpiece. A scriber will allow you to make visible cut lines.
  • Pick the right blade, depending on the character of the workpiece. They are packed in the form of tight coils, and it’s wise to wear protective gear to protect your eyes and hands during the recoiling process.
  • Before installing the saw bands, Disconnect the handsaw from the power source. A quick tip is to line-up it with the guide bearing and tighten the tension until it’s firmly held in spot.
  • Select the preferred angle from the vise and mount your stock, making sure it’s safely secured to prevent it from slipping during the cutting process.
  • Inspect the blade guide’s alignment to ensure the appropriate placing of the material on which you are about to work. If necessary, adjust the guide accordingly.
  • While checking the descent rate, lower the discovered head until it’s just above the stock.
  • Connect the device to the mains. Check to ensure that the emergency button is disengaged and that the feed rate is zero at this point.
  • Click the power button. The blade should start spinning, and the coolant system activated.
  • Making use of the control, set the appropriate velocity for the metal type and the desired cut type. Subsequently, push the band noticed head towards the piece in order that the blade slices through in regards to a quarter-inch.
  • Modify the feed rate to get sufficient pressure to cut from the material. You should place your hand near the emergency stop, in case an accident occurs, but do not hit it unnecessarily.
  • To operate the music group saw in vertical mode, you should raise the bow to an upright position and adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines when installing the vertical cutting kitchen table. During vertical operation, you push the material through the blade, unlike in horizontal setting, where the blade is pushed through the workpiece.
  • The automatic shut-off system turns off the machine once the blade completes the cut. Press the emergency pick and stop your workpiece when the machine stops running.
  • Remove burr, usually left on one area of the workpiece, using a document. Alternatively, flatten the burr by hitting it against a metallic surface.

Reasons to Buy a Horizontal/Straight Cutting Metal Band Saw

  • It’s versatile for the reason that it allows you to undertake top to bottom and horizontal cutting projects on the same equipment. That’s the top advantage of this kind of machine. You do not have to buy a horizontal band saw, and a vertical band saw separately.
  • They are ideal for a very high volume of work, with some offering programmable functions to handle perform repeatedly tThey are ideal for a high number of work, with some featuring automated functions to handle repetitive tasks.
  • These band saws come with several safety features, including intelligent shut-off, coolant system, and blade defend to prevent losses and personal injuries.
  • You can use the saw to cut large metal workpieces to dimensions and not forgetting their ability to cut different metal types, including copper,brass and steel, and aluminum.

Best Place To Buy A Metal Band Saw

There are numerous spots where you could order one of these models online – eBay, manufacturing sites, etc. Additionally, there are always people who post their delivers on tech sites, which can or might not be related to your pursuit. However, these machines aren’t games, food, or something you should take too lightly – buying one will always be a costly expense, not to mention the risk of purchasing faulty equipment.

However, the most dependable place where you can order this tool online is Amazon. Apart from being the most popular and reliable online assistance, this online market has a strict set of rules that apply to users on both ends: consumers and vendors. They also provide free shipping to some areas.

Among the finest things about Amazon is that you are entitled to use their return/refund policy. Individuals ship their items overseas on a regular basis, and even if your vendor neighborhood, an accident can occur at any time. Your package might be delivered to you in a damaged condition – that’s where return plans come into play. You can also easily and quickly return the product if you have an issue with your saw.

There are several spots to buy these machines. For get worried-free return insurance policies, transparency in terms of product quality and customer service, and quick and sometimes free shipping, head over to Amazon.

Once you browse on Amazon, you can observe what previous customers thought of the merchandise they bought, and find out almost everything about things like material quality, protective features, and comfort. You don’t need to go out to compare features or find the best product for your needs.


A horizontal and vertical, metal cutting bandsaw can be a great addition to your machine shop or residence garage. Versatility, multiple blade angles, and speed adjustments, and automatic shut-off are some of the key characteristics you will find in the bandsaws analyzed above.

If you are looking for more reduce angles, Grizzly Industrial G0613 and WEN 3970 are definitely the right tools for you. Choose WEN 3970, but you will need to keep in mind that it has a decrease table height compared to most options discussed above, should you be on a budget. You will have to decide between the WEN product’s 2-year guarantee and Grizzly Industrial unit’s 1-year warrantee, however.

You can expect any of the several bandsaws reviewed in this help guide meet your basic metal cutting needs. Nonetheless, be sure to reread the guide, comprehend what each machine provides you with, and pick one that will suit your needs and budget.

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