ViewSonic Xg2530 G Sync Review

 The first thing that comes to mind about this high tech Viewsonic XG2530 monitor is that speed kills.

ViewSonic Xg2530 G Sync Review :

The abilities of this monitor when it comes to speed are the type that can even rival the elements. Along with the speed we have a wide range of colors with great differentiation from one side of the screen to the other. Here we have a monitor that deserves it’s high tier price in the $450 dollar range with pretty good specs and great connectivity.

When it comes to specialties this is a gamers monitor with AMD Freesync it is made to keep up with any game or video card on the market. It is even so fast it outpaces most of the video cards on the market to the point where you might need a $5000 rig to see the full capabilities. The value is pretty good here but it is also a bit ahead of its time.


Specs at a Glance

25″ Display

1080P Full HD

1920 x 1080 Resolution

16:9 Aspect Ratio

1 ms Response Time

240 Hz Refresh Rate

120M:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio

AMD Free Sync

Anti Glare Hard Coated LED

Color X Gaming Mode

2x USB Port Type A and B

2x HDMI Port 1.4 and 2.0

Display Port

Integrated Headphone Hook

Adjustable Tilt

Adjustable Height

Adjustable Swivel


3 Year Limited Warranty

Physical Dimensions 22.28″ x 17.08″ x 9.42″

[wp-svg-icons icon=”plus” wrap=”i”] Pros [wp-svg-icons icon=”minus” wrap=”i”] Cons
  • Extremely fast refresh and response time diminish delay to near non existence.
  • Full HD, great resolution with millions of colors
  • Heavy duty screen with good connectivity
  • Highly priced in the range for top tier monitors
  • Does suffer from screen glow
  • Super fast speed is faster than most graphics card can reach

ViewSonic Xg2530 G Sync Review


Check It Out

 Design and Features

Starting with the design this ViewSonic has a sinister black appeal. The 25-inch model also features some read with a stylized contoured back so everyone will know you have a slick monitor from the back.

Sadly the font size is not much for a stylish look but that’s what the screens for anyway. The screen doesn’t disappoint ever with a 1920 x 1080 resolution we have full HD for 1080p with all your movies and television. True widescreen technology with a 16:9 aspect ratio and an absurd dynamic contrast ratio of 120 million to 1 ensures a great color blend across every single millimeter of screen space.

The screen is an LED but it might as well be an IPS because the visibility is comparable. It features hard coated anti-glare technology for full functionality under any sky. You can find all of this in many high-end monitors though what truly sets this monitor apart is its absurd speed. Here we have a 240 Hz refresh rate along with a 1 ms response time which is absolutely insane.

Most monitors run around 60 to 120 Hz with 5 milliseconds or slower response time. So compared to other monitors the speed of this screen’s reactions is beyond extreme. So extreme in fact that only the most high-end graphics cards will be able to keep up. This is a gift and a curse as it won’t always be used but it also gives you the rarity with the technology of a product that will grow with the industry. Speaking of graphics cards we have AMD free sync technology which is great for getting smooth graphics with your AMD card. Definitely keep this in mind as it will be wasted with an Nvidia card that requires G-Sync.

We have a black stabilization feature so you can differentiate your surroundings even in the darkest of digital caves. ColorX gaming mode also comes exclusively in this model to keep your video game visuals smooth and vibrant putting the high dynamic contrast ratio to good work.

This is a monitor for gamers who have a real need for speed to get beautiful visuals without any that clipping, stuttering, and flickering that can drive you insane.

Extra Features

ViewSonic put their focus on gamers with this model so it is no surprise that we are loaded with extra features. The connectivity is the first thing up as we have multiple USB and HDMI ports. Featured we have type A and B USB along with 1.4 and 2.0 HDMI allowing you to differentiate your plug-ins to whatever level of speed you require.

A display cable and a 3.0 USB cable are included in the package to get you rolling. Just as important in a high-end screen is the ability to view from many viewing angles and this monitor delivers by being fully adjustable. You can raise it, lower it, swivel, tilt, and pivot for whatever position you need. The integrated headphone rack means no more searching around for your headphones or actually stepping on them because they are neglected on the floor.

One really nice thing about this model is the 3-year limited warranty because often with these monitors you can find flaws in the build or even ridiculous light bleed that can be found at different levels depending on the make. It is nice to be able to return it and make sure you get a model that truly represents what this monitor can do. All in all nothing too crazy but it has everything you would expect in a high-end monitor except for maybe speakers.

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ViewSonic XG2530 Review Conclusion

In a race between the Flash and Superman this monitor wins because it is just that fast. So fast even that it outpaces the competition and its allies in your video card. This is the nicest negative you can have and it would really hurt if not for the pretty good pricing. $450 is about the lowest you can go for a top tier monitor so all the extra speed doesn’t take away from the value.

We have full HD widescreen capabilities and all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a high end monitor. At the end of the day it depends on how important speed that will be great for years if to you. You might find more unique features at this price point that you prefer to the speed you can’t quite use.

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