Best IPS Monitor For Gaming : G Sync,Ultrawide,4K 2023

Best IPS Monitor For Gaming

The full range of vibrant colors and wide viewing angles are the features that make the best IPS monitor for gaming. Additionally, these are also the necessities of gamers who like to spend a lot of hours a day on gaming. Every strong gamer seeks these qualities in a monitor in order to enhance the experience.

Admittedly, the viewing angles are not so important as the vibrant colors, but they can come in handy especially if you are building a multiple monitor setup.

Until last year only TN panel was thought to be able to feature high-end gaming technologies like high refresh rate and fast response times. However, that has changed. You can find many IPS monitors that feature some of the most advanced gaming technologies of today.

There is only one small issue: IPS gaming monitors are expensive. IPS monitors in the rest of the categories are quite affordable, but in the gaming department, they are super expensive. This is especially true if you want to buy the best of the best.

What tops the experience of the IPS panel is the amazing visual quality and color fidelity. The beautiful colors of the best IPS monitor for gaming can never be compared to monitors of other panels.

Best IPS Monitor For Gaming (34 inch ,27 inch,24 inch)

Product(Link to Amazon)Price RangeSizeResolutionRefresh RateSync TechnologyResponse TimePortsPrice Category
Acer XR341CK Monitor
8.5/1034 inch (Curved)3440 x 144075 HzAMD FreeSync4 msHDMI, DP, mDP, MHL$$$$$$$
4283534 inch (Curved)2560 x 108060 HzAMD FreeSync5 ms2 x HDMI, DP$$$
LG 34UM57 UltraWide Monitor
4295727 inch2560 x 1440144 HzNVIDIA G-Sync4 msHDMI, DP, 3 x USB 3.0$$$$$
EIZO FORIS FS2735 Monitor
7.5/1027 inch2560 x 1440144 HzNVIDIA G-Sync4 msHDMI, DP, 4 x USB 3.$$$$$$$
7.5/1027 inch2560 x 1440144 HzNVIDIA G-Sync4 msDP, 5 x USB 3.0$$$$$$$
Acer Predator XB271HU Monitor
4289627 inch3840 x 2160 (4K)60 HzAMD FreeSync5 ms2 x HDMI, DP$$$$$
LG 27UD68-P Monitor
3.5/1024 inch3840 x 2160 (4K)60 HzAMD FreeSync4 ms2 x HDMI, DP$$$
Asus MG24UQ Monitor
4289627 inch2560 x 1440144 HzAMD FreeSync4 ms2 x HDMI, mDP, DP, 2 x USB 3.0$$$$$$
Acer Predator XB271HU Monitor
4301827 inch2560 x 1440144 HzAMD FreeSync1 ms2 x HDMI, DP, Dual Link DVI$$$$$$$$$

IPS vs. TN vs. VA

The IPS panel brings accurate colors to the graphics of your game with more color coverage. In comparison, the TN panel is equipped with poor color reproduction. Albeit, it does have a faster response time.

Moreover, a TN panel cannot deliver a full range of 16.7 million colors like an IPS panel. Neither does it have wider viewing angles. IPS panels can cover up to 100% Adobe RGB color gamut. You can read more about this in the article for professional monitors:

4k Best Monitor For Gaming And Photo Editing 

VA panels are a very different story. These are panels that lie somewhere in between IPS and TN panels in terms of performance. Although they combine the best of both panels, they are expensive and not as widespread as TN or IPS panels. Most of the Ultrawide gaming monitor usually feature VA panels.


List of Best IPS Monitor for Gaming 

If you are looking for a plain and simple high-end best IPS monitor for gaming, then the following monitors are a great pick. These monitors not just harbor the IPS panels, but also other latest display technologies.

Acer XR341CK Monitor

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This is one of the highly rated Ultrawide gaming monitor by ASUS. It is not the best of the best as that spot is currently held by Acer Predator X34 and Acer ROG Swift PG348Q, it has one of the best values. Featuring an Ultra QHD resolution with a curved screen and beautiful design, this is the monitor to go for if you can afford it.

The 34-inch Acer XR341CK is a beautifully designed curved-screen monitor that delivers sharp imagery and excellent gaming performance, thanks to AMD’s FreeSync technology. 

This monitor has reasonably fast response time, a plethora of connectivity options and AMD FreeSync technology to enhance your gaming.


Ultrawide Gaming Monitor



Asus MG279Q Monitor

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This is yet another high-end IPS, monitor. However, unlike the monitor above, this is not an ultrawide gaming monitor. It is just a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio high gaming monitor that has all the bells and whistles to keep the gamer in your entertained. This one of the rare IPS monitors that manages to feature 144 Hz refresh rates. Furthermore, for the IPS monitor, this doesn’t have a bad response time at all.


This is yet another high-end IPS monitor. However, unlike the monitor above, this is not an ultrawide gaming monitor. It is just a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio high gaming monitor that has all the bells and whistles to keep the gamer in your entertaining. This one of the rare IPS monitors that manages to feature 144 Hz refresh rates. Furthermore, for the IPS monitor, this doesn’t have a bad response time at all.

The latest gaming screen from Asus is packed with features including AMD FreeSync and 144Hz operation, and it backs that up with good image quality in almost all departments. 

This monitor also features NVIDIA G-Sync along with many technologies that are catered specifically for the gaming demographics. It has fully adjustable stand, speakers, and plethora of connectivity options

Another awesome aspect of this monitor is that it covers 100% sRRG color gamut. That is basically a lot of colors compared to an average monitor. You can easily use this for professional work.




LG 34UM57 UltraWide Monitor


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This is a fairly affordable 34-inch screen 21:9 ultrawide screen. The reason why this ultrawide screen gaming monitor is cheaper than many out there is because of its resolution. Unlike the high 34-inch ultrawide screen monitors, this IPS gaming monitor features 2560 x 1080.

This monitor is packed with features like AMD FreeSync technology. This is a technology that is in direct competition with NVIDIA G-Sync that essentially removes stuttering and tearing effects. This monitor also covers 99% of sRGB meaning it can be used for professionals with its wide color gamut. Further, this monitor features Black Stabilizer technology which is a must for gamers. This technology brightens the dark spots in the scenes.

Furthermore, this monitor also benefits from VESA holes as well as built-in speakers. As you can see, this monitor is the complete package.

EIZO FORIS FS2735 Monitor

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Hands down, the most expensive 27 inch IPS gaming monitor in the market. This monitor has everything imaginable that a gamers today demand. For starters it has a high quality IPS panel . Along with that, it is the only monitor in the market currently that has a refresh rate of 1 ms over an IPS panel. If that is not enough, it even has 144 Hz refresh. This is again a rare feature on IPS panels.

The monitor display is improved further with the many built in technologies. FreeSync smooths the scenes, Motion Blur Reduction does as its names suggests, Smart Insight Demolition a patented technology that improves pixel colors.

There are tons of more technologies on this monitor.

An IPS panel with G-Sync Technology Can Do Wonders To Tour Game!

If you want to entertain yourself with sharper graphics and smooth motion then you should certainly choose G-Sync. If you have not yet grasped a clear picture of what actually G-Sync technology is, then read on.

What is G-Sync Technology?

Released in 2013, this technology brings numerous benefits to users all around the globe. Especially for users who are fond of gaming, this technology brings with itself exquisite features enabling the user to have a smooth gaming experience.

By synchronizing the refresh rate of your display to your graphics card’s rate, the G-Sync technology carries out the task of connecting your monitor to your GPU directly.

The G-Sync technology aim to rule out the probability of any display stuttering or tearing. This can enhance your gaming experience greatly. It decreases the input lag, eradicating any possibility of disruption on the screen. Minimized input lag and no screen tearing are the necessities all strong gamers.

List of IPS Monitor for Gaming with G Sync Technology

G Sync is one the latest technologies by NVIDIA. There aren’t many IPS monitor for gaming with G Sync technology, but the few that are available are quite amazing. They are expensive, but not too expensive that their TN panels counterparts.


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This is the epitome of gaming monitors. If you have this monitor, you have the best there is. The monitor not only has super hardcore gaming looks, it has a hardware that cannot be easily matched by its competitors. This monitor has a 34 inch curved ultrawide screen with 3440 x 1440 resolution. It has a refresh rate of 100 Hz, cover a color gamut of 100% sRGB, has a decent set of speakers and G-Sync technology.

Unfortunately, this monitor is also very expensive. In fact, it is one of the most expensive gaming monitors in the market.

Acer Predator XB271HU Monitor

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This yet another gaming monitor that combines the IPS panels with 144 Hz refresh rate. Acer was the first brand to release this combination in the their last year’s line of gaming monitors. They are still continuing on with the trend. This monitor is not cheap. However, it packs powerful technologies. Along with 144 Hz refresh rate, this ips gaming monitor offers WQHD resolution, G-Sync technology, a plethora of connectivity options and a decent response time.

The 100% sRGB coverage not only gives you a lot more colors for gaming, but it also makes this monitor suitable for professional use.


An IPS Monitor With a 4K Resolution is a Must Try for all the Gamers Out There – If You can Afford

An IPS gaming monitor with 4K resolution to most would seem like an overkill. After all,  it takes a behemoth of a gaming machine to support UHD resolution. If you are the most hardcore of gamers, then you will enjoy this list of 4K gaming monitors.

4K resolution is four times the full HD display, entertaining the user with pixel packed screen. The screen resolution of 3840 x 2160 would add to the quality of your experience indeed and also increase your productivity. These are mostly high end IPS monitors that are packed with high color coverage.

List of IPS Monitor for Gaming with 4K Resolution

With the advent of the powerful new graphics cards, 4K gaming is possible to an extent. However, it is seriously demanding. Nevertheless with the IPS monitor for gaming with 4K technology listed below you can not only game, but also enjoy 4K videos.

LG 27UD68-P Monitor

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A beautiful looking 4K monitor with IPS panels. Not only is this monitor suitable for graphics designing thanks to its large amounts of pixels and colors, you can use this for gaming as well.

This monitor feature gamer centric features like FreeSync technology, Game Mode that gives customized gaming experience for various genres like RTS or FPS. It also features Black Stabilizer and Dynamic Action Sync which reduces the lag time.

Asus MG24UQ Monitor

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If large screen does not interest you, then this is one of the best 4K monitor with IPS panel to go for. It has all the necessary features that a gamer would need. However, to many 4K resolution on a 24 inch monitor would be too much.

Characteristics of a Basic Monitor

You will often hear some recurring terms when choosing monitors. This should give you an idea about what they are.

Wide Viewing Angles

This may not be a super important features for gamers. Basically, with a wide viewing angles you can look at the picture from any angles without it getting distorted. Since gamers sit directly in the center, this is not important.

Superior Color Accuracy

IPS panels promises superior color accuracy and as well as gives more color. IPS monitor for gaming boast high end panels that can feature upto 100% sRGB giving you a lot of colors.

What About the Response Time?

Those who do not like changes will be quick to point that IPS panels have slow response times. These are people who are usually too picky or critical of IPS technology. Although that is true, IPS panels do not have as fast of a response time as compared to the TN panels, the difference is very marginal.

The color quality and viewing angles of the IPS panels make them a better deal altogether. Previously, people also had reservations about IPS panels not having a higher refresh rate, that however is changing too. IPS monitor for gaming with higher than 60Hz panels are expensive. Fortunately, the technology is there and in the future it will become much cheaper.


Best IPS monitor for gaming can be found in several sizes and technologies. What defines a gaming monitor? A gaming monitor basically has a set of high end features that can only be supported a powerful computer. Since most of the gaming PCs have superior power, they can support most of these monitors.

These features include a very high refresh rate and very high resolution. Resolution can range from FHD to 4K (UHD). The higher the resolution, the more powerful your computer needs to be.

IPS gaming monitors are replacing the TN gaming monitors. Why? because IPS technology offers superior colors and it can be mixed with some of the latest technologies like curved screen etc.

As is evident from this article, you can find IPS monitor for gaming with G-Sync technology, WQHD resolution, curved monitor and even 4K resolution. Of course the more technology a monitor combines, the more the expensive it gets. So if you have the money to afford, this article lists the best in the each category.

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