Best Ips Gaming Monitor For Budget 2023

IPS stands for in-plane-switching; a newer technology as compared to the older TN or Twisted Nematic technology. Although not as mature and cheap as the TN, the Best Ips Gaming Monitor For Budget has shown extreme potential in the display market. The biggest advantage of IPS monitors are the colors. As compared to the conventional TN panels that are 6-bit, IPS panels are 8 bit minimum and so they can show many more colors with vivid detail.

Another advantage they have is the superior viewing angles. On top of all that, they have a very slim bezel, something that was rare with the older TN panels.

To certain people the advantage of wider viewing angles would matter; however, to gamers that sit almost directly facing the screen it would not. Their biggest drawback is the slow response time. Although the technology has come a long way and has much improved on the response time since the past two or three years, it is still not a match to TN panel.

To a picky gamer, this would be an issue; however, most gamers would not realize the difference. The beautiful colors would outweigh the con of slow response time. With the recent influx of IPS panels, they have become quite affordable.

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Best IPS Monitors Compare

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Best IPS Monitors

These are just a brief IPS monitor reviews. These reviews should give you very basic yet all the important information necessary to make the decision.

Dell Ultrasharp U2415

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The first IPS monitor review is a very famous Dell series. Previously Dell UltraSharp U2412M was the killer. It was vastly praised as being one of the best, if not the best IPS monitor in the market. The Dell Ultrasharp U2415 is the successor to that model. It has the same great visual quality as its predecessor but also improves on it with subtle differences. For starters, it has a very narrow bezel which not only has its aesthetic appeal but also makes this monitor most suited for a multi-monitor setup. The thinner the bezel the more continuous are the visuals in a multi-monitor setup. after a super comprehensive test on this monitor wrote

We had high hopes for the U2415 display after recent Dell models like the P2414H and U2414H had impressed us with their solid all round performance. Thankfully it didn’t disappoint.

The monitor IPS is fully adjustable with tilt, swivel, rotate and height adjustment options. Although this may not be needed for home use, for professional purposes these adjustments could be quite useful. Dell Ultrasharp U2415, like the Dell Ultrasharp U2412M, has a beautiful color depth with deeper blacks and brighter whites.

The visual quality on this IPS display is second to nothing. One of the biggest advantages of this monitor over its predecessor, the U2412M, is that it has HDMI ports- not one, but two of them. The previous model had lacked them which was a significant flaw. Along with that, the monitor offers all the necessary connectivity options including mini Display Port, Display Port (1.2), Display Port (MST), as well as an array of USB ports both and up and down stream.

This monitor has a 16:10 aspect ratio with a resolution of 1920×1200 commonly abbreviated as WUXGA. The higher the resolution, the more real estate you have to work on. The monitor also has VESA mount that most of you willing to setup a multi-monitor display system would find useful.

This monitor is hands down the best IPS monitor . It has other larger models as well as models with wireless charging stand; however, this base model has perhaps the greatest value.

The Cons

Perhaps none. For general and semi-professional users, this monitor IPS stands out as one of the best IPS display in the market. Some people consider the colors on the U2415 a bit washed out as compared to U2412M. However, you will have to be quite picky to notice the difference.


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This is the only 24″ IPS display that should be on your list if you are a professional. Since its release, it has garnered a huge number of satisfied customers, and despite being listed in a market like where everyone is a critic, this monitor has received almost flawless reviews. There is a very close competition between this monitor and the one listed above and frankly; you would not be making a wrong choice with either one.

Both ASUS PA248Q, as well as the Dell Ultrasharp U2415, are respectable monitors. This monitor offers professional grade color accuracy and 100% sRGB coverage.

For photographers, and designers this type of color precision is a must. Like the Dell Ultrasharp U2415, this IPS display also has an aspect ratio of 16:10 with a resolution of 1920×1200.

The Asus PA248Q is a low-priced IPS monitor that doesn’t skimp on performance or features. – Eric Franklin



With the Asus PA248Q you get rich, robust IPS color quality, four video inputs (three of which are digital), four USB 3.0 ports, and an ergonomic stand with multiple adjustment options. John R. Delaney –

It has all the adjustments options including tilt, swivel, pivot as well height adjustment options.The monitor has received excellent reviews across the board and many professional reviewers such as from; have praised the monitor for its color fidelity.

The Cons

For starters, the bezel on this IPS display is thick. However, it is thinnest among the professional grade monitors. Therefore, there is a trade-off.

There have been issues with color reproduction as well as the color temperatures on the screen. The calibration on the monitor is not accurate. Some of the customers have complained of backlight bleeding. Fewer have also complained about screen flickering.

Dell SE2416HX – Budget Option

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If you are looking for the best IPS monitor that is suitable for everyday tasks and has a thin bezel, then this is the monitor to go for.

Here is what this monitor does not have: it does not have a super fast response time, it does not have a high refresh rate, VESA mount or even full adjustability options. So why should you opt for this monitor?

Well, this monitor is currently available for $129 (at the time of writing this article). For a 24 inch LED IPS monitor that is the biggest steal of the year.

Could this be the best budget monitor that has come in recent years? Probably yes.

The Cons

As mentioned earlier, this is a bear minimum LED IPS monitor. You cannot expect this monitor to have high-end features because it is supremely cheap.

IPS vs. TN Panel Monitors

This is a question that almost everybody asks. IPS panel technology is still new to some people, and as is the case with everything new, some people are skeptical about it. After all, the old TN or Twisted Nematic panels are relatively significant, to begin with. Why should anyone choose to go for IPS technology?

First of all, you should know that IPS display delivers better visual quality than TN panels; however, really is the quality is not significantly better to warrant a change? The other most highlighted feature of IPS panels is that they have widest viewing angles. This means that no matter from which angle you look at the screen, the colors will be uniform.

IPS panels, when compared with TN panels, does have its drawback. Monitor IPS do not have a fast response, and generally, you cannot find IPS panels with faster than 60 Hz refresh easily. There are exceptions, but generally, that is not the case at least with the current market.

So why should you be interested in IPS panels at all? Simply, because IPS panels are the new norm now. They have become very cheap and can be found in almost all price ranges.

What About the VA Panel Monitors?

Although TN and IPS monitors are the most famous in the market, there is another panel technology that is also starting to get some fame. This is the Vertical Alignment or VA panel technology. You will usually notice that it is featured in many 34 inch Ultrawide Monitors.

VA was a panel that was designed to overcome the shortfalls of both TN and IPS. It improved much on the color reproduction as well as viewing angles as compared to TN Panel, and at the same did not have as slow a response time as IPS monitor.

These days the IPS monitors have a relatively fast response time of about 5 ms; however, back when it first came out, it had atrociously slow response time making VA a pretty decent technology.

One of the biggest advantage o the VA panel is there very high static contrast ratio. They have a static contrast ratio is that three times as much as the static contrast ratio on TN and IPS monitors.

Even the best IPS monitors out there cannot compete with that contrast ratio.

However, due to the cost of production, VA panels are featured mostly in high-end monitors.

Should You Change Your Monitor?

As mentioned earlier, best IPS monitor do have better colors and are more appealing to the eyes; however, the difference is only marginal. If you bought a 24 inch TN panel monitor within the last couple of years, then you don’t need to change to IPS panel monitors. You will not see a big difference. However, if you have an old monitor, then the chances are that your next monitor by default will be an IPS screen. TN panels are about phase out in the budget or mid range monitor market.

The difference in the quality of visuals will be more apparent if you buy a high-end LED IPS monitor.

Who Will Benefit from IPS Screen?

Almost everybody, including Gamers. IPS panels these days are designed for hardcore gaming. You will now not find IPS gaming monitor that feature 144 refresh rates and 1 ms response times. The Acer Predator IPS gaming monitor that has just recently hit the market offers high refresh rates, but they are quite expensive.


IPS Gaming Monitors


The epitome of LED IPS monitor for gaming is, of course, the Acer Predator 34 inch curved monitor. This monitor is a testament to the fact that IPS screen is as good for gaming as is the TN panel. So next time you question yourself: is LED IPS monitor bad for gaming, have a look at this beauty.


Professional photographers, designers, and editors will all benefit from the color fidelity of the best IPS monitors . The thing is, there are many different types of IPS panels. There are cheaper ones and then high-quality premium ones. The high-quality premium IPS panels are profoundly better than the cheaper ones. They have the highest colors of all monitors.

Previously they are were only limited in professional spheres; however, today we can find IPS monitors even in budget category for normal home use. IPS monitors almost always give a better visual quality than their same priced TN counterparts. Since there are many different types of IPS panels like AH-IPS, e-IPS, S-IPS, AS-IPS, etc.expensive, they can vary greatly in the price range.

These days you can get an IPS panel that is about $150 to more than $600 for a 24-inch monitor. The price high if you choose to go for 27 inch or ultra wide screen monitors.

Therefore, LED IPS monitors arent designed for specific type of people. They are built for all. It was said before that IPS monitors are not suitable for gaming. However, that assumption has long been discarded. There are many IPS screen for gaming around.

Professionals will almost certainly want to go for IPS monitors because of their superior colors. Graphic designers, photographers and CAD have a very keen sense of color, they will find IPS screen most suited for their needs. For more information on professional monitors, click below:

Best Professional Monitor

Best IPS Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate?

Are there IPS monitors with 144Hz refresh rate? The short answer is yes. Unfortunately, they are expensive.

What is monitor refresh rate? In simple terms refresh rate is the number of times the display refreshes the images. What this means to you is that the higher the refresh that, the better will be visuals and the more life like will be the moving objects. The movement will be much smoother.

Refresh Rate wasn’t much talked about a few years back because most monitors had 60 Hz refresh rate. So majority did not care. However, with the ever evolving technology, this aspect has become quite more relevant in the recent days.

Moreover, up until 2015, only the TN panel monitors had the luxury of accommodating refresh rates above 60 Hz. However, last year that changed. You can now find IPS monitor with 144Hz.

The first LED IPS monitor to ever feature both IPS panel and 144HZ refresh rate was the Acer XB270HU. Not only did it offer 144Hz refresh it also went beyond with offering a WQHD display as well as NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility – one more feature that wasn’t available on IPS monitors before. As such, this is the best IPS monitor  for gaming that you can buy. This monitor even opened the door for many to make IPS monitor with 144Hz refresh rate.

Another amazing IPS screen with 144Hz refresh rate is the ASUS MG279Q


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This is a 27 inch LED IPS monitor with 144Hz refresh rate, WQHD resolution and countless exclusive technologies built for gaming.

The 144Hz refresh rate is apparently designed to cater primarily for gamers. Since players are always dealing with fast moving scenes, they will enjoy the most. They are also far too expensive to be afforded for regular home use. Only hardcore gamers or enthusiasts can ever justify paying for these monitors.

Other than gamers only professionals such as game designers, or video editors will find a use of this technology. Graphic designers and photographers not so much, because refresh rate has more to do with the moving scenes not with still frames.

Nevertheless, IPS monitor with 144Hz is out and up for the grab if you have the money.

IPS Monitor with G-Sync?

Only Acer currently has experimented with combining IPS panel with NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology and is now working well.

Acer Predator XB271HU

Acer XB271HU was one of the first monitors to feature G-Sync technology on IPS screen. For that and many other reasons, it is the best IPS monitor for gaming available today.

Furthermore, Acer also has another excellent monitor that has already been mentioned above, the curved 34 inch IPS monitor with G-Sync.

All this goes to show that Acer has upped their game in the gaming department. They have made the best innovations and have listened to their audience. ASUS had been the reigning king for a while with their ROG Swift gaming monitor models; however, not anymore. ASUS has quite the catching up to do now.

What exactly is G-Sync technology? G-Sync is part of the newer synchronization technology called adaptive sync. According to NVIDIA, it is a revolutionary technology as it syncs the refresh rates of the GPU with the monitor and thus minimizes screen stutter, screen tear, and input lag.

What Are Some of the Known Cons of IPS Panels?

Compared to TN panels, there aren’t many cons. That is the reason why best IPS monitors 2016 are phasing TN panels out. Nevertheless, there are two that are always highlighted. The first one is only a myth, and it should not affect your decision much: response time. IPS panels have slower response time compared to TN panels. Although that is true, the difference is barely visible by an ordinary eye. In fact, the difference will only be noticeable, if at all, when there is fast moving action.

The other more significant concern is the IPS glow or backlight bleeding. Almost all of the IPS panels including high-end ones have a phenomenon called the IPS glow. You can see light glowing or creeping in from the edges of the screen. This can damage the contrast ratio. The dark coolers will not be as deep as a result. Nevertheless, to many, the IPS glow isn’t significant enough to alter their decision.

IPS Monitor with 1ms – Is There Any Such Thing?

Currently, there are no IPS monitors that can offer 1 ms response time. Response time is related to motion blur. The higher the response time, the worse is the motion blur. Only CRT monitors and OLED displays can have zero motion blur. LCD monitors, be it with TN panel or IPS panel, would always have motion blur.

Ideally, many enthusiasts and gamers aim to go for a response time that is lower 1ms. However, with IPS panels that are just not possible right now. The best you can get is 5 ms.

Should 1ms response time even matter? Many gamers have come to realize that a faster response time is just a huge selling gimmick as an average eye cannot tell a difference between 1ms and 5ms response time.

Many respectable gaming brands such as the ASUS ROG and Acer Predator have started making IPS monitor for gaming disregarding the 5 ms response time completely. The color fidelity on IPS screen heavily outweighs the negligible drawback in response time.

Budget IPS Monitors

What are the cheapest options available in the market for best IPS monitor 2016? There are many budget IPS monitors in the market; however, if you are looking for the best bang for the buck, then this list would help you in making your decision.


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ASUS VS239H hands down is the best budget IPS monitor of 2016. There is no doubt that no other monitor provides wider features for such a low cost. The monitor has HDMI, D-Sub as well as DVI-D ports. This monitor also offers VESA mount capability making it also suitable for a budget multi-monitor display setup. ASUS VS239H is without any doubt the best multimedia IPS screen on the market. It is a fortunate case for us that it also happens to be quite cheap. It does not have the slimmest of the bezel, but price wise, you could not ask for more.

ViewSonic VX2376-SMHD

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ViewSonic VX2376-SMHD is another IPS monitor. This monitor looks beautiful. It is a perfect, affordable option for a multiple monitor display setup. The monitor includes extensive connectivity options including HDMI, DP, and VGA.

This monitor is also available in several size options including 22 inches and 27 inches.

AOC I2481FXH – 24

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AOC I2481FXH is one of the most beautiful IPS monitors in the market. This Full HD IPS monitor offers D-Sub, and 2x HDMI ports; however, it lacks VESA mounts. On the plus side, the monitor has an excellent 5 ms response time making it suitable for gaming.

Acer R240HY bidx

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Acer R240HY bidx is yet another great budget option for an IPS display. This monitor offers VGA, DVI as well as HDMI port. The looks of this monitor are generic; although, the bezel on the screen is quite narrow. It has an excellent response time. In fact, it is one of the fastest for IPs monitors.

Are Best IPS Monitors Available with Thin Bezels?

Most certainly they are. In fact, thin bezels on monitors have only been made possible thanks to the IPS panels. Do you remember any of the older screens with TN panels harboring thin bezels?


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Although best IPS monitor first came out bearing large bezel, that has changed, and the bezels are continuing to shrink. When the AOC i2367Fh first came out with its 2 mm bezel a few years, people thought that was practically frameless. Well, today you can find ASUS MX27AQ with 27-inch a bezel that is bout 0.6 mm thick. Guess what, both of these monitors are IPS screens.

Why Go For Bezelless Monitor?

Remember, if you are looking for a multi-monitor setup, the thinner the bezel, the better. The VESA mount also helps if you will be mounting the monitors on multi-monitor stands.

Other Great Valued Models

There are plenty more best IPS monitors 2016 in the market that can fit it in the budget range of many.

Some of them are quite new in the market while others have been out for a while. Some are aesthetically appealing while others have a more generic look. Nevertheless, they all are from respectable brands. Therefore, quality would not be an issue.

HP Pavilion 25xw – 25″

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HP Pavilion is 25xw a 25 inch IPS monitor. This is supremely beautiful monitor and could easily be the center of attraction for your room. It is a full HD monitor with VGA and HDMI ports connectivity ports. Unfortunately, with a 7 ms response time, it does not cut out to be the best in terms of performance even though to the eye of a normal person, the difference would not be huge. Also, It does not have VESA mounts.

High-End IPS Models: Ridiculously Expensive or Supremely Powerful?

The best IPS monitor 2016 listed here can put a serious dent in your pocket. You will seriously need deep pockets for these. Although it is beyond our level to convince you to purchase some of these, if you are truly a hardcore professional on a level of your own, then there will be no need to convince you. You would already know that you are getting into.

Seriously, some these best IPS monitors cost a fortune and make you question: what make these monitors so much different from the standard IPS screen worth $150 – $250?

Some of these monitors are just too rare in the market and have rarer still components. The lower the supply, the higher is the demand making them ever more expensive.

The thing generally with any products and in particular with the fast paced market of computer electronics is that the buyers decide the price. If the majority of them can justify a monitor to be worth a couple of grand, then that is the price of the monitor even though it may have cost a fraction of the price to manufacture it.

ViewSonic VP2772

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ViewSonic VP2772 is an expensive IPS display with a WQHD resolution, but with a price tag that can still be justified in our opinion. It is a high-quality monitor with amazing features. One of the best features of this monitor is its extensive color engine. With the 14 Bit Look Up Table and Delta E≤3, this monitor can produce you almost life-like colors.

Dell UltraSharp U2715H

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Dell UltraSharp U2715H is still one of the best IPS monitor with a justifiable price tag. It is a 27-inch professional grade monitor with the best quality IPS panel installed. has given this monitor a solid 9/10 on performance and features. This is the monitor that you would save up for if you even slightly consider yourself to be a professional. It has a resolution of 2560×1440 putting this monitor in the league of its own.

NEC Monitor PA272W-BK-SV

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This is one of the best IPS monitor as far as the color quality is concerned. NEC Monitor PA272W-BK-SV is a super expensive high-quality grade professional LED IPS monitor that has received a flawless score for its performance across the board. If it is the perfection that you are looking for then this is the monitor IPS, end of story. This monitor offers 99% coverage of Adobe sRGB color gamut.

This is one of the best IPS monitor as far as the color quality is concerned. NEC Monitor PA272W-BK-SV is a super expensive high-quality grade professional LED IPS monitor that has received a flawless score for its performance across the board. If it is the perfection that you are looking for then this is the monitor IPS, end of story. This monitor offers 99% coverage of Adobe sRGB color gamut.


IPS stands for In Plane Switching. It is not a new panel technology; however, it is set to replace the older TN panel technology. This panel offers superior colors and wider viewing angles. IPS monitors are generally better looking than their older TN panel counterparts as well.

IPS display can be found in many different price ranges. You can get them for as cheap as $120 and as expensive as $1,500. It depends on your use and the type of features you are looking for.

Best IPS Monitor can be found in many different categories including gaming, video editing, photography, and graphic designing.

We hope that you enjoyed and learned something from this list of IPS monitor reviews.

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