Best Affordable 144hz Gaming Monitor (From 27-inch ) In 2023

Best Affordable 144hz Gaming Monitor (From 27-inch ) for your need:

So you are running tight on your budget and are looking for a quality yet affordable gaming monitor that would satiate your gaming needs. If that is the case then you have come to the right place. Now some of the high-end best gaming monitors are ridiculously expensive.

Yes, they are the top of the line harboring 144 Hz as well as WQHD along with G-Sync technology, but they have a price tag that is beyond the reach of a common gamer. The good news is that there certainly are excellent monitors out there that an average gamer can afford. This guide takes into account that an affordable gaming monitor is any monitor less than or around the range of $250.

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Best Gaming Monitor For Budget


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I am pretty sure you already guessed this one. This is one of the best affordable gaming monitor available in the market. Getting a 4.7/5 stars on a market like that is full of critics and where even a minor hurdle can land a product a 1/5 stars is quite something; that too from a whopping 1,118 reviews.

Very few other products receive such high reviews. This monitor is not the cheapest in this list, but it has the best bang for the buck and it is hands down the best affordable gaming monitor 2016 with a slim enough bezel.

The monitor features a 24 inch LED screen with 1920×1080 resolution. However, that is just scratching the surface in terms of its specs. This monitor has a refresh rate of 144Hz. Enthusiasts will most certainly find this as one of the deciding factors between this and other affordable displays listed here. In addition to that this monitor is NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready. Meaning, you can make this monitor suitable for 3D visuals if you hook it up with NVIDIA 3D Vision kit.

Ever heard of the new NVIDIA G-Sync technology? The one that is featured in the ASUS flagship gaming monitor, the ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q. Yes, you can even upgrade this model to offer the G-Sync technology. You will have to purchase the kit for it though.

In short, this is one of the most expandable screen in the market. It has all the features built-in in the stock model to keep you entertained as a gamer and at the same time offers room expansion should you choose to try out new technologies. This monitor is not the cheapest in this list, but it has the best bang for the buck.

The monitor response time is 1ms, that is essential for all gaming monitors. You do not want to invest in some thing that has a response time like 5 ms or 6 ms because that has the potential to show ghosting effect. Along with a plethora of connectivity options, the monitor is also fully adjustable with tilt, swivel, rotate and height adjustments. It also features stereo speaker, which is a welcome component but do not expect them to sound too great. VESA mount is also available if you want yo mount it up on the wall or on a stand with multiple monitors.


The Cons

The monitor does not have any downstream or upstream USB port.


AOC e2752She

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If you are looking for the best affordable monitor possible in the 27 inch range for gaming, then do not look further. This is a Full HD monitor with 2 ms GTG response time. The biggest selling point of this monitor is that it offers 2xHDMI ports along with other at this price.

There are other more cheaper options for 27 inch monitors available out there, but they are not suited for gaming. The Acer G276HL Gbd for example, is a cheaper monitor, but it lacks the essential HDMI port and suffers from a slow 6ms response time that is not at all suitable for gaming.

Therefore, this AOC e2752She is the best deal for a budget 27 inch displays. It also has VESA mount, some thing that not every budget monitor offers. Although I would not recommend using 27 inch screen for multiple monitor display for gaming, the VESA mount could could come in handy especially if you want to upgrade the stand to an adjustable one. Lee Neikirk from says with regard to this monitor that “For browsing the web, office work, or console gaming, it’s fine.

The Cons

No speakers unlike the two above. The monitor does not offer USB downstream or upstreams like the two above. The pixel per inch ratio is less than ideal but if it big screen that you really want, then this is the cheapest for gaming. Stand not adjustable; may need to invest separately on a stand if you want adjustable options.

BenQ RL2455HM

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A very close competitor to ASUS VG248QE. BenQ RL2455HM has a much cheaper price tag as compared to the ASUS monitor and has received almost the same kind of praise from its customers. One of the best affordable gaming monitor and used even by pros.

The major difference between this monitor and the ASUS monitor is that this only manages to offer a conventional 60 Hz refresh rate. Therefore, some of the hardcore gamers among you and especially those who are video and graphic-philes would rather prefer going for the ASUS monitor.

However, for the price, there is really no competition with this product. This a quality product from a brand whose monitors are used in professional gaming tournaments around the world. It has superior and exclusive technologies for gaming such as ZeroFilcker Technology and the Black eQualizer technology for rendering the best visual possible for a TN panel of this category. BenQ RL2455HM has super fast response time. It is sturdy and has a quality build despite being very affordable.

The Cons

Speakers are lacking in power. No USB downstream or upstream ports. The monitor is not adjustable, therefore, you will have to position yourself properly. You could get an adjustable stand separately and mount the monitor on it with its VESA mounts.

Ultra Affordable Gaming Monitor: In Case You are Super Tight on Budget

In that case, I would look at the bear minimum requirements for a gaming monitor such as a fast response time, Full HD resolution, at least 24 inch size. and and HDMI port. The following two monitor fill the criteria above.

BenQ GL2460HM

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This is one of the cheapest monitor in the market with 2 ms response time and an HDMI port. Along with that it offers some of the unique and exclusive BenQ technologies such as the BenQ Seneye Human Vision Technology. Although this monitor is not built for gaming in mind, it is great until you can manage enough budget for at least the top 2 above.


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With about 4.4/5 stars from a whopping 5,566 customer reviews, this monitor stands on top as one of the highly praised monitor in the market. It has a fast 2 ms response time, Full HD resolution along with ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Processor as well as an HDMI port. It is slightly more expensive than the BenQ counterpart highlighted above, but it does have one extra feature, the VESA mount capability. This is important if  you are looking to setup multiple monitor display on a tight budget.

Budget 144 Hz Monitor Options

The best 144Hz option for a budget thin bezel gaming monitor in 2016 – 2017 for thin is ASUS VG248QE i.e the one listed as number 1 above. In case this monitor is unavailable, then you could have a look at Philips 242G5DJEB.


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In case this monitor is unavailable, then you could have a look at Philips 242G5DJEB

Philips 242G5DJEB

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Even though Philips is fairly new in the gaming monitor arena, they have released some highly competitive monitors. This piece has just the right price tag to be considered an affordable monitor. Some of its awesome features other than 144 Hz refresh rate, include a wide connectivity option including USB 3.0, a port that all of the top 3 monitors have lacked.

The monitor also has dedicated features for different genres of computer games such as FPS, RTS, Racing etc. It is not as versatile as the ASUS VG248QE and it is neither 3D ready nor does have the option to install NVIDIA G-Sync Kit. It is also not as adjustable as the ASUS monitor.

However, so far, the monitor has received fairly good reviews since its very short time in the market. If the price of this monitor were to fall a bit more, it could well be the best gaming monitor for its price. But for now, it can only get an honorable mention in this list.

27 inch Budget Monitor Options

If AOC e2752She above is unavailable or if for some reasons it does not excite you, then perhaps these monitors will. These are also great affordable gaming monitor that have a narrow bezel.

BenQ RL2755HM Monitor

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This monitor should be on the top of your list if you are looking for an affordable options for a 27 inch gaming monitor. This monitor has all the bells and whistles ranging from the looks to features,

A Gamer always has a keen eyes for unique aesthetics, therefore, this could interest you.

Should You Consider IPS Monitors?

If you are not keen on trying on something new, then save your self from experimenting with something that you do not understand. Here is the thing, normal people who use their computers for internet, writing or other less intensive stuff do not really notice much of this thing called ghosting effect on monitors with slow response time.

Fortunately, most of the latest IPS monitors have improved so much on the response time that the ghosting effect is almost negligible. In fact, most the new gaming monitors are all IPS panel. There is only problem though. IPS gaming monitors are very expensive. Therefore, you will be disappointed if you try to find those monitor here in this list of affordable monitors. There are conventional great IPS monitors that are cheap and can be used for gaming, but they aren’t dedicated gaming monitor per say. If you want to check out dedicated IPS gaming monitors check out:

Best IPS Gaming Monitors

Here is one monitor that you can check out.

Dell UlltraSharp U2414H

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Thin Bezel, 2x HDMI ports, 96% sRGB coverage, USB 3.0 port, full adjustability options and vivid colors; what more can you ask for. Oh and yes!, this monitor fits the less than $250 affordability range. Downside? you guessed it, it is the atrociously slow at 8 ms response time. This is not recommended for gaming at all. Even 5 ms response time on IPS panels is taken with a grain of salt for gaming. Now the only reason why you should consider this monitor is if you are a graphic designer, professional photographer and gaming is your part time forte. Then perhaps you could find its pros outweigh its cons.

AOC i2777fq Monitor

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Yet another affordable option for an amazing 27 inch gaming monitor. This is also an affordable gaming monitor. If you are looking for a cheap way to create dual or triple monitor gaming monitor display, this is the one.

For starters it has the most ideal response time of 1 ms for gaming. It has built in stereo speakers. It is also VESA compliant. This is a pretty old model but still stands as one of the finest from ASUS. The only reason this is not listed as one of the Top 3 is because it does not have the best value. The only wow factor this monitor has is the 1 ms response time and for almost $50 more than the AOC e2752She, I wouldn’t say it is worth it. Very few will realize the difference between 2ms on AOC e2752She and 1 ms on this monitor, but all will surely realize the prize difference between the two.



If you look at some of the high end monitors these days with curved ultrawide screens and plethora of technology, you will see how expensive gaming monitors have become. Well, in reality most of the gamers cannot afford such luxuries. Most have to settle for something that is cheap at the same time gaming grade.

Fortunately, there are many monitors that can fit this category. Here we have listed most of the famous ones. If you have better ones in mind please don’t forget to mention them in the comments below.


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