Best Electric Pole Saws For Tree Trimming: Long Reach

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the Best Electric Pole Saws is, then we recommend the Greenworks 20672  as the best one.

Pruning overhead branches might be tough. You have to go up from one branch to the next, use a dangerous ladder, and brave slip once in a while. However, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

With the best pole saw, you should get those branches downward in no time. Pole saws are easy to use and are designed for this type of job.

In case you are looking for the right pole saw to start out with, I suggest going with any of these models that people will review. Our review is thorough, researched, and concentrates more on previous customer experiences.

We have also prepared yet another buyer’s guide for you as if that is inadequate. This pole noticed guide will help you to make your right choices for your use.

Take a look at whatever we have in store for you personally.

7 Best Electric Pole Saws For Tree Trimming Reviews of 2020:

A Quick Comparison of our own Favorites in 2020:

Greenworks 8.5' 40V Cordless Pole Saw4.5See It Now
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw4.4See It Now
Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 FT 6.5 Amp Electric Pole Chain Saw 4.4See It Now
Greenworks 8 Inch 40V Cordless Pole Saw4.3See It Now
Remington RM25994.5See It Now
Sun Joe SWJ800E4.1See It Now
Greenworks PS24B2104.3See It Now

1. Greenworks 20672  Cordless Pole Saw – High quality Choice

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Our initially best pole found is the Greenworks 8.5′ Cordless 40V Pole Saw. This is a very reliable pole saw. It is easy to use and comes with among the best cutting technologies for virtually any homeowner.

The saw uses a cordless modern technology. This type of technology helps to make the saw to be very functional and also highly adaptable. You can move around with it easily and have a simple time trimming out tree branches.

The saw also utilizes a G-Maximum Li-Ion Battery. The battery is a 40V battery program. It is the main source of energy of the saw and powers this multiple-tool for an entire yard system clear or trim-down.

The bundle has an included 2Ah Battery. It doesn’t have an further backup battery, even so. Even so, the battery is rechargeable and features a charger. The battery charger is efficient and expenses the battery to full capacity in about two hours.

More importantly, this premier pole saw, as with any other pole discovered uses the nightclub and chain technological innovation. The bar is surely an 8-In ., which offers an easy shaping time of branches.

Thankfully, the saw can also be super light. It weighs about 8 weight and you can therefore apply it long without a shred of fatigue.

The chain is easy to alter and the tensioning method is also easy to tighten up too. It has an automatic oiler that can be applied oil to the bar and chain when.

This ensures longevity and also provides best performance. The gas tank is see through and will provide you with a precise view of your gas level.

And just well before I forget, the shaft is crafted from 3-bit aluminum. It is also simple to extend and will give you an additional 8 ft. on top of your height.


  • Flexible: Cordless technology
  • Powerful: Uses a g-maximum li-ion battery
  • Rechargeable: Battery is rechargeable
  • Will save Money: Package has a included 2ah battery pack.
  • Durable: The club is an 8-inch
  • Portable: It weighs about 8 kilos
  • Extendable: Shaft is made out of 3-piece aluminum



  • Needs to Charge: No backup battery


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2. BLACK DECKER LPP120B MAX Pole Noticed – Best Choice


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Yet another top rated pole found according to the pole found reviews that we checked out is the BLACK DECKER saw. The 8-Inch 20V MAX Pole Saw from BLACK DECKER not just has cool features.

It is also easy to use and will give you the best encounter ever. It is reliable and has one of the best long lasting touches too.

It is really an excellent tool for pruning any over head tree branches and limbs. The found has a great over head reach of up to 14ft high. This is an wonderful reach that you won’t find on any regular pole noticed.

More importantly, the found is also compatible with the 20 V Max Lithium-Ion battery. The battery offers it with a for a longer time lifespan. It also warranties up to 5X lengthier charge. Compared to the regular Nicd batteries this battery is highly reliable.

In addition to that, this pole saw has an 8-inch decreasing bar and chain. The two combine to supply a maximum cutting up to 6 inches.

Like that’s not enough, the saw also has a central extension. The center extension will allow for the best useable measures of 6.5′ or 10′. Additionally, it provides you with a optimum overhead reach of 14 feet.

This unit is known for its in-series power head. This technology allows for a fairly easy maneuverability and also awareness between the branches that you would like to cut.

In case you would like to transport it, this unit disassembles quickly and you can easily load it up for travel.

It has a lightweight style, which makes it very simple to operate. Even so, the battery plus the charger are not incorporated. This is however, one of several easiest brands to make use of in case you want a discovered that you can collapse.


  • Extendable: Great overhead reach of up to 14ft high
  • Easy to use: Includes Telescoping Shaft
  • Well suited: Works with the 20 v max lithium ion battery
  • Effective: Guarantees up to 5x longer charge
  • Durable: Has an 8-inch cutting club and chain
  • Easy to Use: Disassembles in no time



  • No Backup: Battery not included
  • Charges More: Charger not included


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3. Direct sun light Joe SWJ802E – Best Pole Discovered for The Money


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One of the best pole saws for people who need a maintenance free touch may be the Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 FT 6.5 Amp Electronic Pole Chain Found.

The saw is surely an electric pole saw with numerous features which can be beneficial. The discovered is easy to use. It can be highly reliable and can leave you with a satisfactory trimming job in no time.

So, what makes it particular? While this saw is fantastic for cutting and trimming overhanging tree tree branches, it has a double use. You can also collapse it detaching the discovered head from the pole and using the discovered to cut thin logs.

In addition to that, the saw also has a telescoping pole that runs fully to 9.4 ft. This is certainly added to your height will provide you with cutting leveraging of up to 15 feet for the overhead tree branches. No need for a ladder.

The head is also a multi-position head that you can use to cut extensive tree branches at , 30 and 15 degree angles.

The saw is composed of an 8 inch Oregon chain and nightclub. The chain and bar provide adequate cutting any time you need to.

In addition to that, the noticed comes with an automatic lubrication that makes it easy to gas the saw while on use. The oiler is translucent and you may always steel a glimpse on the oil levels without always stopping your work.

The good news is, powering up the pole saw is no problem. The pole noticed uses a 6.5-amp motor. The motor creates enough power to lower branches of up to 7.5-inches thick.

Even better, the saw is CSA approved and features a 2-calendar year warranty. The warranty is good for covering any manufacture defects.


  • Combo Technique: Detaching the saw gives a chainsaw
  • High Get to: Telescoping pole which extends fully to 9.4 ft.
  • Easy Cut: Head is also a multi-position head that
  • Durable: Saw comprises an 8 inch oregon bar and chain
  • Easy Lubrication: Saw comes with an intelligent lubrication
  • Powerful: Pole saw uses a 6.5-amp motor
  • Covered: Features a 2-12 months warranty



  • Oils Add-Ons: Smaller oil tank capacity
  • Minimal Cover: Shorter warranty


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4. Greenworks PSPH40B210 Cordless Pole Saw


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Another one of the highest rated pole saws may be the Greenworks 8 Inches 40V Cordless Pole Saw. The Greenworks pole saw is quite affordable. It is also long lasting and fully equipped for the demanding process that awaits it.

Among the best features that it pole saw are these. First, it uses the G-max 40V lithium-ion battery. The battery is powerful and offered the system with enough capability to touch for a complete pruning experience around the yard.

The battery is a 2Ah size. It is rechargeable and comes with an extendable charger. The discovered also boasts of a 20-” steel blade. The blade has a dual action technology, which provides you the optimal functionality.

The pole discovered is also durable. It is an 8 inch pole saw that provides you with an easy trimming of any overgrown branches.

The pole saw is light and you can use it for long hours. It weighs about 8 weight. In addition to that, it also posseses an automatic oiler which will apply oil towards the main bar and chain system. The oiler works when maximizes and necessary efficiency and durability.

It uses a translucent oils tank technology. This is awesome in allowing you to keep tables of your oil levels whenever you are working with the discovered.


  • Powerful: It uses the g-max 40v lithium-ion battery
  • Rechargeable: Carries with it an extendable charger
  • Long lasting: Boasts of a 20-inch stainlesss steel blade
  • Combo: The blade has a dual action technology
  • Simple to use: Provides you with an easy shaping
  • Light: It weighs 8 pounds



  • Wear Off: Chain will be needing replacing eventually


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5. Remington RM2599 Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Pole Saw


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Unlike the Black and Decker pole saw over, this one is a gas pole saw. However, the Remington Maverick 25cc 2-Cycle 8-Inch Gas Pole Saw is a great saw.

According to several pole saws reviews that people have, it has some of the finest features. It is also used for extended time periods, and above all that, it is easy to maintain.

Apart from everything that, this gas pole saw is also easy-to-use. It can reduce tree branches and limbs without an further ladder or stool.

The pole saw has a 25cc 2-cycle generator. This means that it has high level power that’s sufficient for the tough tasks it is going to deal with.

The saw like the other top types that we saw, include an 8-inch bar and chain. Its saw mounts on the 7-foot extension pole. In performing that, it allows the user to easily get to a maximum of 12 feet.

The equipment comes with an auto oiler. The oiler helps to ensure that the power chain is properly lubricated.

Even so, the one reason why this discovered is a darling of numerous users is this. It accepts several pole saw attachments such as a blower, edger, in addition to a hedge trimmer and others.

In addition to that, the found is super light-weight. It comes with an easy to use manual and assembles in no time.

What this means is this. You will definately get a versatile tool that easy to follow anytime you wish to if you choose to buy this saw.


  • Simple to use: Comes with telescoping
  • Light-weight: It can also be used for extended periods
  • High Get to: Can cut tree limbs and limbs without an additional ladder
  • Powerful: Has a 25cc 2-routine engine
  • Durable: Include an 8-inch chain and bar
  • Easy Routine maintenance: Machine comes with an automobile oiler
  • Flexible: Welcomes pole saw attachments: blower, edger, and also a hedge trimmer



  • Shorter: Slightly decrease overhead reach compared to others

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6. Sunshine Joe SWJ800E Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw


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Our after that best pole chainsaw is the Sun Joe pole saw. The Sun Joe 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Telescoping Electric Pole Chain Saw is common to homeowners because of its productivity. It is also durable and comes with some of the best characteristics.

For starters, the found provides the best extension reach. It gives you a great additional expense height any time you want it. Thanks to the saw’s telescoping pole that will very easily extend to 8.7 ft. and supplies 5 ft. get to.

This is a cool overhead reach for anyone who intends to cut overhanging arms and legs. Even so, when the found is dismounted from the pole, it transforms into a powerful sequence saw that’s ideal for trimming thin logs.

The 6.5-amp engine also provides enough energy for the demanding career. It gives the sequence saw enough ability to slice through 7.5-inch thick branches quickly.

One thing that I am glad this inexpensive pole saw has is automatic lubrication technology. This oiling system ensures that the 8-” chain and club perform efficiently.

The oiler tank features a larger capacity and definately will take you for longer. Because of the warranty, you will also hold the right cover for almost any manufacturing defects that your particular saw might have.

However, the manufacturers of this saw have also considered the need to hold it for long. The saw, as a result, enjoys an ultra-light feel design that’s you are able to operate for long.


  • Extendable: Comes with telescoping handle
  • High Attain: Telescoping pole easily extends to 8.7 ft.
  • Combo System: Transforms into a potent chain saw
  • Highly effective: 6.5-amp motor offers enough power
  • Straightforward Care: Automatic lubrication technology
  • Longer work time: Oiler aquarium has a larger ability


  • Longer Studying Time: Complex end user manual

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7. Greenworks PS24B210 8-Inch 24V Cordless Pole Saw

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Eventually, the final pole found reviews that we will look at is the Greenworks 8-In . 24V Cordless Pole Saw. Like its sister above, this saw is very much dependable. It is also simple to use and offer a tool-free mechanism for further efficiency.

The found uses a 24V power supply to power up its whole method. The battery is a 2Ah battery size. Battery boasts of the best charge technologies and will boost in just about 45 minutes.

Just as the other models that we have seen, this one also has the 8-” bar and sequence system.

The system is easy to use and the chain is also replaceable. Furthermore, the saw also uses an automatic oiler system. The system applies the oil towards the saw’s bar and chain and provides steady lubrication.

Thankfully, the saw has a 3-Piece lightweight aluminum shaft. The shaft is light, extendable, and above all that, remarkably reliable.

When extended to full height, it gives you an additional 9 feet duration. This amounts to a total of over 11 feet reach.

This is the only pole saw with longer warranty. It gives you a 4-year tool guarantee and also a 2-year warranty due to its battery. This is a great way for protecting your found from any form of damages and also manufacturing disorders.


  • Powerful: Relies on a 24V battery power
  • Longer Runtime: Battery boasts of the best recharge technologies
  • Durable: Comes with the 8-inch chain and bar
  • Straightforward Maintenance: Saw also uses an automatic oiler system
  • Extendable: The saw has a 3-Piece aluminium shaft
  • Super Include: Longer warranty


  • Longer Learning Time: Shallow user manual

See It Now


Buying Guide

If you have the very best reviews as you do right now, buying the greatest rated pole noticed for your use can appear tricky at first even. Don’t worry we intend to make your work easy by giving a smart buying guide to assist you. Here are some of the very best considerations to make if buying the best pole saw for the first time.


The complete construction of a pole saw is very important. This saw is going to do some of the toughest work around the yard. For this reason, you want to ensure that the found is in formidable form.

To get this type of saw, you can always look for a durable design. Saws that are designed using metallic alloy factors such as steel tend to be very durable. The identical applies to heavy-duty plastics.

You want the saw to have a greater percentage of metallic effect rather than plastic, nevertheless. That’s the best way.

Extendable Reach

One reasons why people prefer the pole saw is its ability to address overhead cuts easily. The pole saw will quickly reach the overhead limbs without forcing one to remove your ground off the ground.

With a pole saw, you also never require a ladder or stool. Instead, you only need to extend the pole to reach the better heights once the noticed is mounted on it.

The overhead achieve of the shaft is determined by the telescoping reach. Go for a shaft that will quite extend to over twelve feet. This kind of extension will give you the ideal control of your cuts.

Powering Technology

How can your pole noticed power up? Will it needbattery and gas, or electrical power? Whichever the choice, it is important to choose a powering technology that you are comfortable with. You don’t need to have an electric pole noticed when you live in a location with no power.

Even so, electric pole saws are good. They use highly effective motors to start up and have and manage some of the best run periods too.

Another set up that’s good is battery power. Most of these pole saws won’t struck over 50V. As a result them an easy accomplishment to go with. Even so, batteries will need to be charged. Moreover, you will have to replace them in case they are experiencing power drains.

Eventually, gas pole saws are cool also. However, you should seek out one that’s gasoline efficient so that you do not spend so much about the fuel.

Cord-less Systems

It is not awful to have a corded pole saw. That will work so long as the power cord is long enough. Even so, cordless technology has significant advantages.

  • You can use it in areas with no strength
  • You can move around by using it easily
  • You never have to spend an extra dollar buying a cord
  • Storing the pole saw is easy since you don’t have so many cords to struggle with

That’s why taking a cordless technology can be really ideal. Several skilled pole chainsaws critiques also advocate for this type of model.

Weight of the Pole Found

Think about how the excess weight of the pole found will affect you this way. You have to support the pole saw around your head in a very long time. Will you last? The simple truth is that holding the pole saw previously mentioned your head is no suggest job.

You will practical experience fatigue around your wrist. This is especially the situation with saws that happen to be heavy. Once the exhaustion gets in, you won’t work for very long.

The solution to this is to look for a noticed that is light and which you can raise for long. A light pole noticed is also easy to move. It is even better practical experience is it comes with a transportable bag too.

Non-Slip Handlers

Most saws include rubberized touch throughout the handles. This is super cool. It comes down to one of the best non-slip grips. This sort of handle will mean that you can easily control your saw and also have a safe hold. You don’t exactly what the saw to slip back to the ground.

Two in One Functionality

The Things I mean by this is simple. Does your discovered still perform minus the shaft? If the found can work when it is not mounted on the shaft then that’s great, you can dismantle the shaft and use the saw as a slicing tool.

Some saws are so versatile. They may be highly compatible and you may easily transform them into better carrying out tools with the use of other accessories.

With suitable design, you can then get a pole saw that doubles up as a blower, edger, hedge trimmer, and standard cutting tool.

Basic safety Tips

The best pole saw just as any other tool can easily create danger. It can cause an accident that will leave you with traumas. This is not the experience that you would like. It is therefore greatly advisable to follow these safety tips.

Use Protective Gears

When using your pole saw, it is important to use the correct protective gear. Several of the protective gears that you need include:

  • Protective Goggles
  • Helmet
  • mouthguard and Nose
  • Overall
  • Operate-Boots

The goggles will protect you from the found dust above the head, same as the oral cavity and nose shield. The helmet keeps your head safe from sliding branches while the workboots prevents any pricks from sharp twigs. The overall will keep your clothes clean and your whole body free of saw airborne dirt and dust too.

Learn How to Lower

When using your best pole saw pruner, you don’t just use it. There are a few tricks that you have to learn. These tips are very vital. They include the following:

  • Potential your saw parallel to the ground first just before raising it up
  • Don’t cut up and down above your head – raise the saw inside a diagonal.
  • Choose a secure area to stand in where the branch is not going to fall on

Take note: When the shrub branch falls, it is going to fall right on the head and leave you with traumas, if you cut correct above your head.

Never Use the Tool if Impaired

It is recommended that you stainlesss steel clear this type of instrument if you cannot see effectively. You need to see what you really are cutting, stay away from its extended branches, as well as keep your eyes around the saw at all times.

I see saws that jerk off the installing and fall, tree branches that break arms and legs, and shafts that break on job.

Understand What You are Cutting

Without proper understanding of what you are actually cutting, you might be caught off-shield. If you are cutting a thorny branch as an illustration, you will be aware of what to anticipate in case the saw is stuck up there or if it slips on you.


For a better knowledge of how to use a top graded pole saw, here are a few questions that you can comply with.

What is the Best Pole Saw for Trimming?

The best pole discovered depends on your needs. All depends on whether you need a saw that can job both on the ground and once mounted. It also is dependent upon the type of power source which works for you.

Nonetheless, the most important things to consider that you must make on this page include the following kinds.

  • 1- Price of the pole discovered
  • 2- Manage time of the pole saw
  • 3- Easy of use and assembly
  • 4- What previous end users say
  • 5- Safety add-ons like auto-off of technology.

How Much Does a Good Pole Noticed Cost?

If you have 200 USD you should have a fantastic pole saw for your use. Even so, pole saws vary in prices. You can get other models that charge so much more. Depending on your preferences you might want something that has additional add-ons of your choosing.

Where Can I Buy a Pole Saw?

Buying a pole saw online is the perfect thing to do. When you acquire online, you’ll get a variety of pole saws to choose from. You will also take pleasure in at home delivery and great prices with far better discounts.

How Do I Start up a Pole Saw?

For electric pole saws, you will switch on the pole saw by using a start button. Gas pole saws use the pull string mechanism to switch on, however. Thanks to the string assisted starter technological innovation that they employ.

Can One Use a Pole Found to Trim Logs?

Yes. Pole saws that support two in one use techniques can easily double as a tool that you can use when mounted and without the shaft. Nonetheless, they won’t work for huge logs. They can only trim small measured logs of about 8 inches thick.


Buying the best pole saws is no brainer. I hope that our pole saw reviews have indicated you that presently. It needs patience, the correct knowledge, and the finest tips to take you by means of. More importantly, it requires one to understand your needs initial.

When buying a pole saw for your needs, the greatest thing to focus on is the funds you want to spend. Then you can get the best pole discovered for the money. This way, you will possess found the perfect pole saw.

Now that you realize how to choose your best pole saw, I suggest choosing one of the top designs here. Or better still, you can use our buyer’s guide to pick the right discovered for your loved ones.

This is the best way to prune that yard and leave it with an awesome contact. It is reliable and simple way too.

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